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What is Chingari Money?

Who said you can’t earn while you have fun? Chingari Money is the most entertaining way to earn quick money. You get some coins for every activity you do on the app like follows, views, comments etc.


How can I access Chingari Money?

You can access Chingari Money from your home page. There is a tiny icon on the top left corner, which leads you directly to Chingari Money.

How to use Chingari money?

Chingari Money works on a point system. You earn certain points for different activities you do on the app. These coins can be later converted to cash. 


How to collect Chingari points?

You can earn Chingari points for various activities on Chingari. The joining bonus is 100 points followed by 1 point for each like and comment and 10 points for every follow.

How to redeem Chingari points?

You need at least 1000 coins to redeem your points to cash. It’s a simple process. Just go to Chingari Money, click on ‘Redeem Now’ and enter the number of coins you wish to redeem and redemption can take up to max 15 days.