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Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari App and Founder & CEO, GARI

Team Chingari has grown multi-fold in the last 2 years, from a team of 20 members in 2020, we are today a team of over 150+ employees, and I am thankful to each one of you for being an integral part of our growth journey and supporting us through the thick and thin.

We are now not only one of the leading short-video app in India, but are also expanding in the other regions of the world. After a successful soft-launch in Indonesia, we will be looking at launching in a new market soon.

Our backend and tech team are getting stronger by the day, and we are hiring the best tech support possible from across the world to make the app flawless and extremely user-friendly. Technology wise, our focus for the coming quarter will be to officially launch Chingari Audio, enhance the user- experience for our 150M+ user base and create awareness around $GARI Tokens.

After the accomplishment of making GARI Panda NFTs a grand success, we will now be focusing on creating an NFT marketplace for our creators across India, and helping them in monetizing their content, mint their NFTs through $GARI.

Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App and COO, GARI

The coming 2 months for team Chingari are going to be fun and exciting. We are preparing for many upcoming events that will be executed by us at a grand scale. 

With a plethora of amazing content that we are creating in-house, Chingari will soon be the most sought after source of entertainment for the viewers of India. From exclusive interviews to in-house music and much more will soon be witnessed by Chingarians. 

With our super supportive team members and the enhanced quality of content that we now see on the app, we are hopeful to become the best entertainment app of Bharat soon.

In Indonesia, we will be looking at officially launching the app and creating maximum buzz amongst the creator’s community in the region. After the success of Chingari Superstars in India, we are hoping to seamlessly replicate the contest for the Indonesian creators and achieve the similar overwhelming response that we got here.

There are too many exciting things happening in Chingari-verse, and I hope you all have geared up for the journey of your lives.

Deepak Salvi