NFT.NYC is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest NFT conventions. With people waiting for hours in long lines that wrapped around at least 3 blocks, they finally finally got to enter the most awaited event of the year and it was worth the wait.


Well yes, that is the kind of excitement and enthusiasm that people of New York share for NFT.NYC. And team Chingari had the honor of not just participating in it this year, but also of being one of its premium sponsors. This year’s convention, the fourth ever, took place from June 21 to 23.


With $25 billion spent on NFTs last year, Chingari powered by $GARI is at the point where we should start seeing our product roadmaps evolve into real-life action plans. And conducting a session at one of the greatest NFT events on the planet, while targeting the biggest NFT enthusiasts was a great opportunity for us to bring the plan to action.


Sumit Ghosh said, “Events like NFT.NYC give ‘Web3’ teams like Chingari powered by $GARI, a chance to prove that NFT culture can produce much more than what is expected from the industry and that legitimate companies creating real products can be built in this space.”


Team Chingari also made its way to the iconic Times Square in New York. Our videos were placed on different billboards at the coveted Times Square. The outdoor ads were about our recently launched NFT under $GARI Mining Program.


In all, it was a great event for us to showcase ourselves and reach out to the audiences in a new market.


Let us know what you think of the event and Chingari’s participation in it.

Chingari Champion

V Chaitra Kumari

She is as strict as the principal of a school and as calm as Dr. Asthana from Munnabhai MBBS 🙂

You have guessed the vichitra combination right, 

Meet: V Chaitra Kumari, Community Manager (Kannada)


– Describe your job in a fun way

I am a community manager, which simply means that I manage the creators community for Kannada language. If you ask about my personal experience, I feel that my job sometimes becomes challenging, especially when I have to deal with creators and constantly respond to their queries. But overall, I really enjoy it. Talking to so many different people helps me in my own personality development.


– How does your work help the app grow/develop further

As I interact closely with the creators, I take their feedback, understand their pain points and convey those points to our tech team. This helps the tech team further to improve the app and make it more user-friendly. I also help in building a strong community of Chingari creators by onboarding creators, users and brands so that the app reaches to everyone. This results in the growth of the company, user base and my personal growth too.


– An expression that you use the most at work? What does it mean? 

No expression in particular. I always say Haan Ho Jayega. I can do it. 100% committed.


– Learnings at Chingari

Here I have got to learn new aspects of Content creation and Web3 along with knowledge of blockchain and NFT. It’s almost like we have received an early bird pass for the Future of Social Media.


– What do your colleagues mean to you/ a few words for your team(colleagues)

My coworkers and I have formed a cosmic family. Everyone possesses unique strengths, which we are utilizing to make our Chingari community stronger than other platforms.


– A TV serial/movie/web series / comic character that best describes your boss

Tom and Jerry! Don’t ask me who’s who but at the end of the day, it’s fun and job done. They are like Jeetu Bhaiya from Kota Factory and Family Man’s Chellam Sir! They are always available, supportive and give us positive vibes. I am very happy to be in the team of a very cooperative TL/Manager/Super Boss! They keep motivating us to achieve our goals.


– A quote/song/book that has inspired you the most

Bhagavad Gita! Yes!!! Gita gives me solutions to all my problems and confusions. It taught me to live and let live! Help the needy. Forgiveness and everything else. It is a one stop solution!

Leadership Communication

Kamal Sain

Kamal Sain, Senior Engineering Manager : The engineering team at Chingari has been constantly evolving and innovating while working on various new projects.

One of the most exciting features launched in June was the $GARI Mining reward program. It was for the first time in the world when users could Mine on their phone at their fingertips, and earn money for every minute that they spend on social media.

Due to this program, we were able to increase our app engagement and retention by 3x in just a few weeks. I am really proud and excited to have gotten a chance to work on such a revolutionary project and extremely grateful to my team for being such a great support throughout the process.

Our upcoming projects include building GARI Network- wherein users can invite their contacts and build their network to boost their GARI earnings. 

We are also working on building a stable revenue stream for Chingari through GARI Mining (booster) badges. We are soon coming up with an exciting Mining fest- this will be first of its kind, and will help us in increasing the awareness around our Mining Booster badges.

Creator’s Corner


Name: Spreha Chatterjee

Follow her on: @Sprehaa (Chingari ID)

Heyaa, have you met Spreha? The very talented 21 year old creator who has been entertaining the Chingari community with her amazing acting, dance, transitions, fashion and makeup videos.

The Jaipur girl receives 2M+ views on her videos and is one of the coolest creators of Chingari.

$GARI Mining Kiya Kya?


This monsoon season, it’s raining $GARI Tokens only on Chingari App. While it has been a good season so far for all the Chingari creators and users, the backend team at Chingari has been rowing a different boat.


While mining $GARI and keeping in mind the new compliance rules, team Chingari has also been majorly engrossed in increasing the number of KYCs and getting wallet activations done for creators and users across India. The month of June has been all about completing the KYCs and getting new wallets activated.


While it is a tedious task to achieve the set target of activating Chingari wallets and getting KYCs done, our fellow colleagues have been enjoying the process thoroughly. From calling our existing Users and Creators and informing them about KYC & GARI Mining reward program, to reaching out to new users, every experience has been a memorable one. The social media campaign that challenges new users to get wallet activations done and the in-app contest that encourages existing users to get KYCs done, all efforts are currently being made towards achieving as many wallet activations as possible.


Why, you wonder? Well, the reason to get as many wallet activations as possible done is so that maximum Chingari creators and users can earn GARI Tokens for every minute that they spend on the app.


GARI Mining is one of the most exciting features that has brought the mining process at the fingertips of users and is enabling them to mine on their phone.


Are you up for the KYC Challenge? If yes, then send us a list (Chingari IDs) of the wallets activated/ KYCs done by you on [email protected] and you can stand a chance to win an amazing surprise from us.


Please note: we will evaluate and decide the winner on the basis of the maximum number of wallets activated and the authenticity of the Chingari IDs.


There is no limit on the maximum number of GARI Tokens you can earn from Mining. However as team Chingari, we need to abide by the compliance protocols set for us and keep the compliance department informed about all our transactions and GARI Tokens and NFT holdings.

Chingari AI said so…!

Booster Badges

Boost your GARI Earnings up to 10 times with a booster badge. You may have read it multiple times by now..but how does it really work? 


Badges are NFTs a user/creator can purchase in the Chingari app to multiply their daily GARI earnings up to 10x. Let us try and understand how badges would increase your GARI earnings, for a creator/user of course.


The ‘Badges’ will multiply a user/ creator’s earnings up to 10x, depending on the badge level (as mentioned below)


Badge level illustration (image sent on telegram)


Each of your Badges can be upgraded up to Diamond level from Basic level as shown in the above table.


It is to be noted that Chingari users/creators will be able to mine GARI Tokens without holding a ‘Badge’ for the first month (June). From the second month (July) onwards, they will have to hold a Basic level Badge to mine GARI.


As a creator or a user, one can maximize their Contribution Score depending on the level of their Badge. These Badges will give them access to a daily Pool of 45K GARI tokens and they’ll be rewarded in proportion to engagements they receive for their content.


There is no limit on the maximum number of GARI tokens you could earn from Mining. However as team Chingari we need to abide by the compliance protocols set for us and keep the compliance department informed about all our transactions of GARI Tokens and NFT holdings.


Click amazing pictures, make entertaining videos and upload them with the #LifeAtChingari and we will feature the best picture in our next newsletter.