Celebrating the Women In Tech: Bangalore Female Hacker House

Hacker House

The recent Hackathon that happened at Chingari Villa, Bangalore was all about celebrating the great women who are building in Web3 and it was for all the talented developers who were trying to learn and excel in the Web3 ecosystem. The Hackathon was in association with Phoenix Guild who were also the organizers of the event and Chingari powered by GARI was their venue partner.


The 2 day event was one of our first hackathons where GARI Network and GARI Developer DAO were in collaboration with Phoenix Guild. The event was a great success in terms of understanding how the current female developer landscape is in India.


The hacker house was organized by Phoenix Guild, an organization founded by some really inspiring women. One of them being Gyanlakshmi also known as Gyan who has been a part of the technology industry for almost 10 years now, she had started working as a software developer and then transitioned into the space of blockchain almost 6-7 years ago and then started using her experience in supporting more women to grow into the technology space. And that is how she pivoted in the direction of working at the intersection of Web3, community, diversity and inclusivity- becoming a mentor to the women in tech, through Phoenix Guild and its initiatives to support the women in this field.


Srilakshmi Bharati and Nivedita Vivek on the other hand have been in this space for the last 1.6 years and are also the co-founders of an NFT Marketplace called Naksh Market. They started their journey by entering into a hackathon and it was very random step to take as they had no experience in tech. In fact, their background was that of the fashion industry. But since the hackathon, their journey into the Web3 space has been supremely pleasant and has helped them develop their own project while getting further knowledge of the space and the industry. Their story is an inspiration to all the women who want to explore the tech space and look forward to building something in the Web3 and Blockchain space.


What they have realised through the years is that there has been a lack of awareness amongst women in this space and that is when they decided to educate and empower women to enter this ecosystem and create an opportunity for them to position themselves in the leadership roles even when they were not necessarily from the technology background.


Talking about the hackathon in depth, Sneha, a final year computer science student, was a participant of the hacker house. This was her first female hacker house experience and the learning was exponential. The previous hackathons that she had participated in, had her classmates and were completely male dominated with her being the only female participant. Which is why this was a very different and pleasant experience for her. Through the Bangalore Female Hacker house at Chingari Villa, Sneha got a chance to participate in a hackathon wherein women of all ages and experiences were contesting and building something for the future. All the projects were unique and were excellently mentored by the Phoenix Guild and GARI team.


Sneha’s project was a social media application for the Web3 ecosystem which uses a concept similar to Instagram, however it would have some of the basic features of gram and would have a subscription based model. During the hackathon, Sneha and her team were able to successfully deploy their smart contracts on Heathera and were further looking at solving a problem that revolved around having a revenue structure in place, not just for the creators but also their followers. Something that team Chingari has achieved and is now mentoring similar projects with the potential to achieve great success.


These women hacker houses are not just an exercise to bring the female tech enthusiasts together, but also to identify and appreciate the amazing talent that these women in tech have, and enable them to showcase their skills/ work to all through these hacker houses. It is a platform for them to show the world.

Creator Cuts : World’s first ever Video NFT Marketplace
Creator Cuts

World’s fastest growing on-chain social app Chingari has recently launched the world’s first ever Decentralized Video NFT Marketplace called Creator Cuts. The platform primarily allows creators to mint their videos and sell them on the NFT Marketplace.


The purchasers of these video NFTs will receive 10% of the daily income in GARI Tokens earned by the creator’s for the overall engagement they receive on their videos on the app.


“At Chingari, empowering and enabling creators to engage effectively and intrinsically with their community has been the cornerstone of our success since our inception. We believe in the immense potential of the Creator Economy and are wholly committed to its growth and democratization across the spectrum. Towards this, we are always innovating and creating unique programs and propositions which lie at the cross-section of popular culture, ecosystem growth, and our business priorities. The introduction of Creator Cuts is one such unique initiative which empowers the creators as well as the community to not only form deeper connections but also grow together in the truest sense of the term,” Sumit Ghosh, said.


Creator Cuts is aimed at not only empowering the creators with financial and community engagement opportunities but will further enable the community to connect with their favorite creators by owning a piece of their unique art, while also being able to derive monetary benefits from the same.


For example, let’s say that Mr. A is earning 500 GARI tokens on the Chingari app and he mints one of the videos as vNFTs on the creator cuts marketplace. Mr. B buys this vNFT at an X cost, now as per the conditions, Mr. B will be entitled to get 10% of Mr. A’s daily earning which will be 50 GARI tokens in this case.


The point to be noted is that the daily GARI earnings of the creator may vary depending on the contribution score. However the 10% proportion will remain unchanged.


Creator cuts is a unique project as it will not only make millions of users in India and globally aware of the concept of vNFT, but will also enable them to own a minted video and gain from it. This is set to be a great use case for the industry players and the NFT enthusiasts who can not only buy a minted vNFT but also earn from it.


This feature is still in the pipeline, and would be available soon for all the creators. As of now only pre-minted videos are up for sale or auction. Team Chingari has selected 100 unique videos that have been uploaded on the app and have minted NFTs from these videos. Price of vNFTs is denominated in GARI tokens, which will in turn help increase the value of GARI Tokens.


So buy them before they are sold out and be a part of the Chingariverse!

Chingari Champion

We are all aware that Web3 and NFTs have emerged as the most important terms in today’s technology dictionary. However, we were only recently introduced to these concepts. And, yes, many of us are still learning and attempting to comprehend the ecosystem and workings of Web3 and NFTs.


And, if you ask Rahul Srivastava, Principal Engineer at Chingari, it is fine not to have an advanced degree in Web3 / Blockchain in order to dig deeper and understand the ecosystem, all you need is the interest and passion to learn something new and get some practical experience. And how is he so sure about it..? That’s because this is exactly how he became the master of the Web3 ecosystem and was a core member of the team that built Creator Cuts- Chingari’s own NFT Marketplace.


When asked to explain his job to us in a fun and easy way, Rahul said, “It’s a round the clock learning experience. What I do, along with my team, helps the app foray into the Web3 space especially with the NFT marketplace and eventually would lead us to get revenue generated through the service fee obtained from the sales of all the NFTs that are minted on the marketplace.”


Before entering into the Web3 and Blockchain space Rahul was just a software developer who was working with a grocery brand to help them develop their product. In 2013, he started taking an interest in Web3 and began reading about it in-depth. At that point in time, it was his interest in the subject that made him passionate about the space, little did he know that his passion would one day help him help the world’s fastest growing on-chain social app to make their own NFT Marketplace – Creator Cuts.


The experience that he gained from working on 2 smaller blockchain projects back in 2018- 2020, today helped him in growing at Chingari. In 2021 he had also participated in a hackathon by Solana, which helped him understand the blockchain furthermore.


All his learnings and experiences have been put to great use in the last 4-5 months, while building Creator Cuts (a mix of Web2 & Web3 platform)


His experience also thought him that building such a huge project from the scratch would be a difficult task to achieve and so the team started building onto and updating a few existing contracts such as Metaplex on Solana to further create a stronger project i.e Creator Cuts.


“The task was difficult because the team was trying to build a Web3 project that could be easily used by our Chingari community, and so making it user-friendly was the main focus”, explained Rahul.


“Now the team is getting bigger and stronger, I am really glad to be a part of this wonderful team, they are honest, hard-working & available round the clock. And working under Tariq Wali is always a pleasure”


When asked about ‘Describing his boss as a iconic tv/ movie/ web-series character’, Rahul said “I can imagine Tariq as Gandalf from Lord of the rings 🙂 as he has always been the guide and mentor that I can look up to.”


Rahul has always found the saying ‘Karam Karo, phal ki iccha mat karo’ from Bhagwad Gita very inspiring.


And to all the aspiring techies and enthusiasts of the Web3 and NFT world, below are a few links that Rahul recommends for a good read and understanding of the subject:


For in-dept technical knowledge on Web3


For latest News about the industry


General knowledge on the subject


So, have you met the master of the Web3 ecosystem and the world around it yet? If not, do reach out to Rahul….naam toh suna hi hoga :p

Leadership Communication

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. In simple words, Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.


And we have experts like Rohith Varma, Machine Learning Engineer who works with machines day and night to help develop our app and modify our feed with his machine learning skills and expertise.


“My team and I, primarily work on data science and feed customization for Chingari App. 40-50% of our time goes into data collection and data transformation and the rest is spent on further researching about Machine Learning”, explained Rohith.


Being an aerospace engineer, Rohith had a great experience working on cockpit displays for 2 years and picked up an interest in Machine Learning from there. This interest was later multiplied as Rohith started working with team Chingari and focused on improving the app’s feed and enhancing overall user experience by sending out more personalized and relevant videos to the Chingari users.


“Innovation speed is extremely high here at Chingari, and the impact of doing something is immediate and that is exactly what motivates me to further develop my skills and enhance the platform with machine learning. Our current focus is to gain long-term retention of our users on the app and include more diversity to the content that they see. We are working very closely with the content team to add more categories to our platform, this will also give us a fair idea of what kind of content our audience are interested in and will give us more data to feed to our machines, making the right use of our machine learning tools. We are also trying to get a diverse range of content on the app to achieve the perfect mechanism that can help us to get the correct predictions of the engagement time that our users will spend based on the inherent quality of the videos”, said Rohith.


When asked about the difference between Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, this is what Rohith had to say, “One of the most common misconception is that, people treat Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as the same and use them interchangeably”


“Artificial Intelligence refers to the general area of machines imitating intelligent human behaviour, and Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence.
Not every data problem is magically solved by Machine Learning, sometimes simple programs can solve the problem more effectively. Knowing when to use machine learning is critical for any organisation’s success. More data or more complex models may not always improve the results”, Rohith further added.


For everyone who would like to learn more about machine learning and the jargons related to it, below are a few links recommended by Rohith:


AI for everyone by Andrew NG is a great introduction to artificial intelligence for non tech people or someone with no knowledge on the subject:


For tech people who want to transition into Machine Learning:

Learning fundamentals of ML is important before diving deep into practical applications. Two great starting points are and


There are lot of great blog writers who are good at visualisation of complex ML and Deep Learning models



It’s important to be up to date with Machine Learning research papers. One useful resource for this would be


We think this is more than enough information for us to become a machine learning expert, but if you do have any doubts, you can get in touch with our very own Machine Learning Engineer sahab- Mr. Rohith Varma.

In The Spotlight

Team Chingari inspires bright minds, ignites the Spark within them!


In the month of August, team Chingari was busy igniting the potential spark within the bright minds of India. With 2 very insightful and inspiring sessions at IIT Bombay and Symbiosis Pune, team Chingari was successful in leaving a remarkable impression on the young minds that are looking forward to excel in the fields of business management, technology and media & entertainment.


On August 17, Deepak Salvi, Biswatma Nayak, Mohit Gupta and Ankush Kedia addressed the future of tech disruptors to a houseful capacity at IIT Powai, Bombay. Sharing their valuable insights on topics such as ‘Idea Generation’, ‘How to think like an Entrepreneur’, and ‘Innovation Solution Building’. This was a Chingari exclusive event where 200+ curious enthusiasts seemed hooked to the edge of their seats while watching Chingari’s journey AV and listening to our passionate team talk about the future of technology.


Team Chingari got the second opportunity of visiting yet another esteemed institute of India, in Pune on 27th August. This event was for students of MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management(SIBM). The Innovation Council is the E-Cell and the student-driven body of SIBM, Pune that caters to the needs of the students in MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship and were the body behind organizing the iConclave to provide the students of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the required mentoring to tweak their Startups before executing it.


Vineeta Pathak represented team Chingari at the iConclave and took the MBA students through the Chingari journey, explaining to them the nuances of running a startup and building it into a potential unicorn.


The iConclave also had a mentoring session for the students of MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and surely enough Vineeta Pathak, Head of Marketing & Brand Alliances at Chingari along with the CEOs of many other successful startups mentored these students and showed them the right direction.


Unarguably, our future feels brighter!


Chingari gears up for the festive season, celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi and new beginnings with great zeal!


We all love and look forward to the festive season, and this year Team Chingari had 2 very special occasions to celebrate- the opening of their new offices in Mumbai and Bangalore.


The new spaces in Mumbai and Bangalore offer a very positive work vibe and are really spacious. And the Chingarians were super excited to make this space their own by decorating their work desks with personal artifacts and other pretty elements.


Looking at them dressed in traditional attires for the office Pooja was a pleasant sight and also a great photo opp. The never ending photo session was followed by a fun Team Lunch that finally ended on a sweet note with some amazing desserts.


This was followed by the Ganesh Chaturti and Onam celebrations in the Mumbai & Bangalore office. The teams in both the offices excitedly participated in decorating the place, making Rangolis and dancing to the tunes of Ganesh Utsav. The Bangalore team also witnessed a great fashion show that saw the men and women walk in style and flaunt their traditional attires.


Chingari powered by GARI as the world’s fastest growing on-chain social app, also celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with great zeal this year. The 10 days long celebration had Chingari users witness new and amazing content related to the Ganesh Utsav, curated by its associations and creators across India. With its various collaborations, Chingari took the Ganpati celebrations a notch higher this year.


Our in-house campaign #ChingariBappa that ran for our 160 million+ users saw an overwhelming response from creators. For this activity, creators could make short videos featuring their Ganpati stories, as well as create fun and entertaining content on various activities such as home decorations, making Modak, preparing delicacies, bringing home Bappa, going live during the auspicious Aarti, and dancing, frolicking around during the Visarjan procession. Every Chingarian was able to share their Ganpati experience and enjoyment of the festival through short videos that were viewed by users all over India. The best #ChingariBappa videos received an amazing gift hamper from Growfitter, India’s largest incentivised wellness programme, as well as earned GARI Tokens.


To give our viewers the impression and vibe of massive Ganesh celebrations, our team had additionally associated with some of the most famous Ganpati Pandals across Mumbai- that witnesses a swarm of devotees every year and are known for their unique Murtis and decoration themes.This list included one of the most celebrated Ganpati of Mumbai- Lalbaugcha Raja. The iconic Lalbaugcha Raja was commemorating its 89th anniversary this year, and as BIG FM’s digital partner, Chingaril showcased premium content of the celebration through our recently launched LIVE feature for its users.


Joining the ChingariBappa celebrations, Saregama had curated a special playlist giving a devotional touch to Chingari users, helping them to enhance their videos celebrating Ganesh Utsav and giving away Saregama Bhakti Carvaan to select users.


Overall, Ganpati festivities had undoubtedly returned to its full glory, and team Chingari took this opportunity to wish all of its users a very Happy and Green Ganesh Chaturthi.

Chingari Social Media Quiz

Chingari Social Media Quiz campaigns were a hit amongst the audiences:


This month Chingari’s social media witnessed many new and exciting campaigns that won the hearts of our followers and massively increased our engagement on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


We started quiz campaigns for major festivals like Janmashtami, Independence Day and Ganesh Chaturthi. These campaigns witnessed participation of 600+ followers and our Independence Day and Janmashtami special quizzes were a hit amongst the audiences.


Keeping the festive buzz alive, we promoted 60+ celebrity wish bytes (Hindi+ Marathi) that we had achieved to get for Independence day and Ganpati on our social media platforms. These gained great traction and appreciation from our followers and helped increasing our engagement furthermore.


We also went LIVE on Instagram for the very first time witnessing 3,000+ viewers and comments. Additionally, we introduced a new bucket on Instagram called — ‘Friday Feature’ — to shed light on our top creators for the week.


However, the launch of our new #LifeAtChingari handle topped it all.

So, if you guys have not followed our new handle yet, then are you really living your #LifeAtChingari to its fullest?

Geek Speak
Chingari AI said so…!

GARI Mining Guilds BETA (Sneak Peek)


What is a Guild?

Guild lets you buy a badge and rent it out to popular creators. Here-in the revenue generated from the creator’s content can be split between Guild Holder and the Creator.


What will be the revenue share?

The revenue share could be 50-50 or any other ratio based on the negotiations between the Guild owner and the Creator.


Who can be a Guild Holder?

Any Chingari User interested to buy and rent at least 1 Creator Badge could be a Guild Holder.


Can you transfer your mining badge to the Guild?



When will the Guild Owner get paid?

Guild Owners are paid every day from mining based on the revenue share structure finalized by both the parties.


Can you upgrade a badge in the Guild?

Yes, you can always upgrade the badge so that the creator and you can earn more.


Can you select your own creator to rent the Badges?



Can you reassign your Guild badge to a different creator if you don’t like a creator?



How can you pre-register to be a Guild Holder?

By filling in the form below


How can a Creator pre-register to rent a Badge?

Please filling in the form below


Doesn’t this sound interesting?

We are really looking forward to knowing more about this…so let’s stay tuned for more!

Creator’s Corner

In this segment, we would focus on upcoming and talented Chingari Creators who you must follow, the very talented creator that we would like to focus on, is an art and dance Vlogger based out of Bengaluru, Karnataka:

Name: Vineeta.S.Hiremath

Chingari ID:

Place: Bengaluru, Karnataka.

View best of the art and dance videos on Chingari brought to you by Vineeta.