Events of the Month!


To begin with, lets talk about the event in Delhi- The Entrepreneur India Awards September was not only a festive blast, but also a very eventful month for Chingarians. The sheer scale of events extended all the way from Delhi to Dubai and Singapore, making it a complete Chingari bhara month.


Chronology ko samajte hue, let’s talk about the very important event of September that took place on 20-21st September at JW Marriott, Delhi and witnessed great Chingari energy. It was Entrepreneur India’s Award night, where WE (CHINGARI) won the Media/ Entertainment Startup of the year award.


Entrepreneurs are visionaries who not only envision but also shape the future, and the evolving technologies have armed these new-age hustlers to even reimagine the world. With the advent of Web 3.0, the future looks even more unpredictable, yet exciting. Entrepreneur2022 was all about recognising the thinkers, the disruptors, and the change-makers like Sumit Ghosh who are ready to give us a peek into tomorrow, today and crystal gaze us into the universe ‘we are programmed to receive’ through Chingari powered by GARI.


The second most important event of the month was FilVC in Singapore. FilVC was an invite only event where the best startups in Web3 pitch to a select group of investors and press in a concentrated Demo Day- and guess what- yes we were one of the best startups making our Web3 pitch to investors and the media. The event took place on the afternoon of September 26th in Singapore.


FilVC, a concentrated one day event, featured the most promising startups in Web3, including Chingari powered by GARI. Sumit Ghosh delivered a rapid fire pitch to the investors on how Chingari| GARI aims to onboard a billion users on blockchain with ‘Engage 2 Earn’ tokenomics. This was followed by a 2 hour ‘Dealroom’ breakout session for follow-up Q&A.


As interesting as it sounds, the 2 day long event was the biggest in-person Filecoin gathering in Asia with community partners from all across the Web3 Ecosystem!


Moving to the third most important event and traveling all the way to Dubai were team Chingari, all prepped up for the Blockchain Economy Summit that was held on 4-5 Oct at Le Meridien, Dubai.


Chingari powered by GARI was the title sponsor of BE Dubai- 5th Edition. The 2 day event saw 3000+ attendees from across the globe, 80+ brands, 100+ media and 60+ countries all participating in the summit with much enthusiasm.


Sumit Ghosh was a keynote speaker at the event inspiring the Blockchain enthusiasts across the world and helping them unlock the secrets to success in Blockchain.


Blockchain Economy Summit is one of the world’s largest blockchain conference networks bringing together the key players of the crypto industry and experts to redefine the future of finance. The 5th edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit took place on October 4-5, 2022 with the world’s top crypto companies and blockchain entrepreneurs. Today, UAE, specifically Dubai is gearing up to become a global crypto hub. Thus, Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit was the best place for Chingari powered by GARI to be visible and gain maximum exposure. It was the Main gathering in the region on behalf of the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, with a wide range of topics focused on the financial technologies of the future, extensive networking opportunities and participation from more than 60 countries.


Indeed what an eventful month it was!

A Star Studded Affair..!

September was a star studded affair at Chingari Studio and for the entire Mumbai team. From Sonakshi Sinha, Nikhita Gandhi, Paoli Dam, Soundarya Sharma to Ashutosh Rana they all made up for a glamorous month for us Chingarians!


Chingari has in recent times become the go to app for OTTs, production houses, celebrities, singers and artists to promote their upcoming movies, albums and webseries.

With various promotional avenues, team Chingari makes sure that this premium and fresh content reaches to our audiences and keeps them entertained throughout. 


To begin with, we saw some amazing and entertaining promos of Koffee With Karan with the latest gossip brewing around the b-town, being featured & promoted on our app. We even had our very talented Chingarian- Kisheta Dave reviewing the koffee episodes for our audiences, keeping them up to date on all the drama and fun stirred on the show by Karan Johar. You can also check out her Chingari Koffee Awards segment on the Chingari Specials handle. 


While the Koffee episodes kept pouring in, team Chingari prepared for a Blockbuster interview and influencer meet & greet, which was with none other than the most gorgeous Sonakshi Sinha and her beau Zahir Iqbal. Our Chingari Influencers with Sonakshi & Zaheer on one hand danced to the tunes of their recently launched song Blockbuster Jodi, and on the other hand, our host & dost Simrata Singh charmed them with her questions related to the song launch as well as digged deeper to find more on their Real Life Jodi. 

The Influencer meet & greet and the interview were a great success, leaving everyone wanting for more


Next in line was an interview with the famous singer Nikhita Gandhi – AR Rahman’s discovery and a very down to earth and cheerful person. She is famously known for some of the soothest melodies such as Kaafirana from Kedarnath, Ghar from Jab Harry Met Sejal, Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe from Stree, the album Jugnu with Badshah and her recent single Maharani.


We had the Maharani- Nikhita Gandhi come to Chingari Studios to promote her song with Chingari Influencers (6-7), making videos, dancing and enjoying with her. Her Chingari GupShupp session was also filled with mesmerizing songs that she sang for the Chingari audiences.


Chingari Studios also welcomed Paoli Dam– a very senior Bengali actress and Soundarya Sharma– the upcoming Bigg Boss fame for their latest web series Karm Yuddh streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The lineup of 12 Chingari Influencers made it a fun experience for both the actresses, making dance and acting videos to promote the show.


Simrata also interviewed the very famous and senior actor Ashutosh Rana for the show. His experience of the industry reflects in the interview that makes it a must watch for the Chingari audiences.


Also do check out our youngest host Neha Prabhu exploring the Bigg Boss Marathi house to promote the show. Yes you read that right, Neha was in the Bigg Boss house and enjoyed her experience to the fullest.


Chingari is also promoting movies like Good Bye with India’s newest crush Rashmika Manadana, Thank God with student of the year Siddharth Malhotra & Rakul Preet, DoctorG with the very handsome Ayushman Khuraana and Double XL with yet again Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi.


So stay tuned for more fun and entertaining content on Chingari.

Chingari Champion

A site reliability engineer (SRE) monitors & helps stabilize servers and enables 100% accessibility and availability of the platform to all, writes code to execute the automation process, and works 24*7 responding to server alerts. 


Yes, our Chingari Champion of the month Mr. Pavan Nemala, Site Reliability Engineer, Chingari is responsible for all this and more. 


Currently residing in Andhra Pradesh, Pavan has now completed 10 months as a member of the Chingari family. His passion for coding and developing new tools has aided in the enhancement and modification of our  platform at a budgeted cost. How exactly, you may wonder, let’s hear it from Pavan: 


With the purpose to smoothen the server monitoring and automation process and have a cost efficient method to solve our existing challenges, we migrated to Kubernetes. It is an application server that is designed to be deployed anywhere, be it a private cloud, public or hybrid cloud. It allows a platform like ours to connect with our users irrespective of their geographical boundaries, with increased security. This function was a major boon for us as we launched our platform globally and due to our migration on Kubernetes we could make our platform 100% available to all at a budgeted cost. It has helped us to improve our efficiency of deploying, scaling and managing our servers. Kubernetes also aid us in handling the bot attacks


Companies like Google, Spotify, the Newyork Times, Pinterest, Tinder use Kubernetes to scale their business, and it also made sense for us to deploy it for upscaling the app“, Pavan added.


He explained to us that DevOps and SRE go hand in hand, as they both share some core values but the focus of their work is different. SRE provides a unique approach to application lifecycle and service management by incorporating various aspects of software development into IT operations. 


Did you know

: SRE as a profession was first developed in 2003 to create IT infrastructure architecture that met the needs of enterprise-scale systems.


When we asked Pavan on how does he manage his day, as in a job role like his one has to be responsive 24*7 to check the alerts. To this he said: 


We have deployed tools that help us in proactively monitoring and mitigating bottlenecks. Datadock is a tool that gives us an immediate alert whenever the platform is down, which helps us in mitigating the situation and fixing the problem at the earliest possible. For Chingari, we have around 300+ urls to monitor and a lot of matrices to be generated. And in a situation like this, tools  like Pagerduty help us monitor system conditions like uptime, bandwidth, and collect metrics from the servers and generate alerts in case of any incidents triggered.” 


With his passion for coding, Pavan has also developed/ modified an open source tool that helps our platform in checking the quality of a particular video. This open source tool is a command line tool that acts as a browsing platform which can generate the quality results for any video that is searched on it through a link. The tool generates a quality score for the video which decides whether it is qualified for our platform or not. A score of 70 and above is considered as a good quality video. The score depends on factors like video resolution, camera, lighting, etc.


My other passion project is developing a Kubernetes monitoring tool. It’s currently a work in progress and I hope to release it as an open source tool soon“, exclaimed Pavan.


When we asked him to describe his job in 1 word, this is what he had to say: 


In layman terms you can call me an ‘Application Caretaker’ who is constantly working on improving the performance of the app and enhancing the quality of the videos.” 


Talking about his colleagues and what he is learnt from his journey at Chingari he mentioned:


I have definitely learnt a lot here, but personally I feel that I have greatly improved my communication skills. My colleagues make for a great team, who are constantly supporting me in learning and developing new things


My leader Abhijit has been very supportive and reminds me of Captain America- leading us from the front to exploring new opportunities“, Pavan added.


In all, Scalability, Accessibility and Reliability are the 3 important principles for Pavan, just like  Parampara, Pratishta and Anushasan– were important for Narayan Shankar from Gurukul 🙂

Leadership Communication

SDET is a Software Development Engineer in Test who works both in software development and software testing, but often focuses on the Quality Assurance, explained Navjyot Singh, SDET Manager, Chingari.


This month we are looking into the operations of an SDET Manager who has previously worked with DisneyHotstar in a similar role. Talking about what is his team responsible for at Chingari, he explains: 


We are often known as Quality Engineer/ Test engineers as we are the ones who test any and every software product that is being developed here. We do rounds of testing on the software to map the feature and performance expectation of the product, making sure that it provides a smooth user experience for our audiences and being scalable at the same time. We are also  building strong automation and performance testing tools which will make this process faster and reliable


We are responsible for the overall quality and stability of our applications and services. We make sure that our tests result in making the product better, faster and smoother. Sometimes this process takes from a few days to a couple of weeks, to completely evaluate the feature/ product end to end.”  


Navjyot said, “I have worked here for 6 months now and my team has been incredibly supportive towards achieving our goals as the SDET team. The currently 9 member team which is expanding works on multiple projects at the same time. They test the feature, identify the issues and are responsible for taking the feature live to users. We also developed a test automation Framework, which we have integrated with our test and development pipelines. This has helped us reduce the testing regression time from countless hours to less than 5 mins. Woh kehte hai naa, Boredom gives rise to Creativity


When asked about how does he work with his team, managing them while helping them grow, this is what Navjyot had to say:


My responsibility towards my team is to understand their goals and ensure that they are on the growth track. At Chingari we are developing a work culture to keep the team happy and motivated where we motivate our team to grow in their careers and make sure that they love what they do.”


Working from home (Delhi) currently, Navjyot begins his work day at 9:30 am and wraps up by 8 pm. Ditching the Delhi traffic, he likes to spend his time with the family and get enough rest for the day ahead. 


So we all know by now ke Navjyot ki team se approve hone ke liye all the products need to be good at 3 things: Quality, Quality annddd Quality!!

In The Spotlight

9 Days of Navratri Celebrations- Chingari Style


This Navratri was a colorful affair at Chingari, with every Chinagrian following the Navratri theme and dress code on all the 9 days. Be it Mumbai or Bangalore the excitement soared sky high. 


Following the Navratri colors each day was not only fun but even gave us all a strong sense of community and togetherness. Each day the clan awaited for the photo session where we celebrated the color of the day. 


In all it was a fun exercise bringing everyone together and helping us celebrate the festive season with great excitement.


The other activities that team Chingari executed for Navratri were the #EHaloGarba campaign. The contest planned by Chingari, Kahi Bhi, Kabhi Bhi #EHaloGarba had increased the excitement for its creators to generate and upload short format videos on the app by tenfold. The video views on the campaign exceeded the 1 billion mark.  This year, we encouraged our creators to take on exciting challenges and win incredible rewards in addition to GARI Tokens.


We were also associated with top ornate pandals of Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata for their Navratri and Durga Puja celebrations. Going LIVE from these pandals, Chingari creators provided their users with wondrous festival experiences as well as some fun content of people doing their Garba dance with all of their energy and enthusiasm.


Joining our Navratri & Durga Puja celebrations, Chingari’s gifting partner (India’s largest multi-category gifting company) had curated a special hamper for the winners, motivating them to send in multiple entries. 


We also celebrated our Women employees by featuring them in our Women in Tech campaign, appreciating our colleagues who have been meticulously working on developing Chingari and its newest features.


To sum it up, yeh Chingari ki Navratri thi Khushiyon wali!


Chingari Audio Rooms breaks record: Monthly user activity crosses 15M minutes


In just 4 months, Chingari Audio Rooms is breaking new records. It has hosted users from 180+ countries around the world, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi among other major countries.  Locally, Hindi belt users are the largest in numbers and are from UP, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Bihar.


‘Chingari Audio Rooms’ has crossed 15 million minutes of user activity per month.  In just 4 months of its launch, 15 million minutes of user conversations per month have been clocked on the Audio Rooms. The Audio Rooms feature was launched by us in May 2022.


Our Audio Rooms feature has seen tremendous growth since its launch.  It has a total of more than 15 lakh users. And with the new shows that have launched on audio rooms & are in pipeline, the estimation for the next 8-10 months is an expected 10 times increase in these figures.


In comparison to the other audio based chat rooms, Chingari Audio Room’s monthly user retention has been really high. On other apps the retention rate is around 3-10% while on Chingari the retention rate has been over 40% 


The in-app virtual gifting feature and the GARI mining program have been the major reason for this retention rate on the Audio Rooms. Other than this the audio rooms feature also enables creators to communicate with their followers and increase their engagement rate on the app.


Sumit Ghosh, said, “Despite the stiff competition, Chingari Audio Room is a preferred platform, which is a matter of pride for us. We will continue to focus on empowering creators financially through features like Audio & LIVE rooms”


Chingari Audio Rooms currently have some popular dedicated shows including Kahi Unkahi by Simrata and Mithi Baate by Anshika. Other 2 interesting rooms that you can find on Chingari Audio Rooms are Splitsvilla and KBC format audio sessions hosted by some very talented Chingari creators.


There are two more shows in the pipeline, so let’s wait and listen to

Chingari Audio Rooms- jahan India bolta hai Dil Khol ke!


Chingari collaborates with QTV Marathi’s Youth-full series across 5 cities


Chingari powered by GARI recently collaborated with QTV Marathi as their Digital Partner for their Youth-full series by promoting it on a grand scale through our talented influencers, creators and in-app promotions.


But what was the Youth-full series all about? 

Q Marathi Youth-full Mahakarandak – is a state-wide talent hunt for the best one-act play in Marathi called Ekankika.


They wanted to invite entries, and shortlist 8 scripts per city (Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad). And Chingari Influencers made videos calling in creators and users to send in their entries. We also promoted the talent hunt through in-app banners and push notifications giving them maximum exposure and getting as many entries as possible.


These 8 plays were staged in their respective cities and judged by a local jury. A few of our local creators and influencers visited the on-ground event to cover it and increase the excitement and enthusiasm of the participants.


In all 25 best plays will be shot for television at the finale, where 3 senior members from theatre fraternity will judge them. The plays will be aired on Q Marathi in the month of October and the icing on the cake is that the best talent from the competition will be signed in to write, act, direct shows for QTV in the future. 

Since this was a grand in-house property of QTV, they are going all out with over 2000 promos for the promotion. Along with this, there were print ads, radio spots, and a social media campaign, and in all their communications Chingari powered by GARI was mentioned as their Digital Partner.


To promote the campaign during the various phases our influencers, creators and our anchor Neha Prabhu went to the colleges, theater groups to capture the excitement and cheer them up during their rehearsals.


The idea was to create a buzz around the property among the youth, and drive in maximum registrations. Neha Prabhu also visited the Mumbai shoots to interact with the participants and the judges to understand  feedback on the plays. 


The activity is still on-going and Chingarians are all set for the finale of Q Marathi’s – Youth-full Mahakarandak, are you?

Geek Speak
Chingari AI said so…!

Want to boost your GARI Earnings and create your own Network? 

Network Score Feature is your key to avail these benefits…How? Let’s dive deep into it..


In order to make mining more exciting and rewarding, Chingari introduced the Network Score feature. Network score will not only increase an individual’s acquaintances in the app, but will also boost their earnings. That sounds great but what’s the Network score?


The network score is nothing but a referral reward system where YOU will receive incentives for referring a user to commence mining, and if a miner further refers a new miner in that case not only the immediate referrer will get rewards, you too will get extra earnings as you were the initial referrer.


Network scores were available exclusively to the Booster Badge holders for the first two weeks, after which they were made available to everyone including the non-badge holders.


If this sounds confusing, take a deep breath and refer to the network graphic below that will clear your doubts about the different levels and reward distribution across the network.


As you can see from the chart, there are many tiers for reward distribution, and mining earnings will be awarded in accordance with corresponding levels.


Here’s how the percentage of mining incentives will be accredited depending on the levels.


Level 1 — You earn 5% of Mining earnings of your immediate referral (say A)


Level 2 — If your referral (A) invites another Miner(say B) using his invite code, now you will receive 2% of B’s mining earnings.


Level 3 — If Miner B invites another miner(say C) using his invite code, in that case you will earn 1.5% of C’s mining earnings.


Level 4 — If Miner C invites another miner(say D) using his invite code, you will get 1% of D’s mining earnings.


Level 5 — If Miner D invited another miner(say E) using his invite code, now you earn 0.5% of E’s mining earnings


Users activating Gari wallet from now on, will have to enter invite code to activate mining, and will join the referrers’ network.


Well, doesn’t that sound interesting? Do share your Network scores with us by tagging the Chingari handles on social media.


So…aapka SCORE kya hua?

Creator’s Corner

In this segment, we would focus on upcoming and talented Chingari Creators who you must follow, the very talented creator that we would like to focus on, is a actress based out of Mumbai:

Name: Jyoti Mirke

Chingari ID:

Place: Mumbai

Her love for acting is evident in her videos on Chingari, making them 100% engaging and entertaining for her followers. 

You can even watch her on the big screen soon for her upcoming movies Pavool Padate Pudhe a Marathi Film and Mara Naam Cheppina katha a South Regional Movie.