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2022 is just 5 months old, and Team Chingari has already started making its mark around the globe. After Indonesia, Chingari has now made its way to Dubai. With 2 major events that took place in Dubai this year, Chingari became the center of attraction and attention in the country of the Royals.

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Holi ke Rang, $GARI ke Sang!

In the scorching heat of Ahmedabad, on 18th March, team Chingari executed the most happening and Sizzling Holi Fest ever seen by the Ahmdabadis.


Along with some big names of the Gujarat film fraternity, the magnificent décor, music and entertainment at the Holi festival made it one of the most popular Holi events of 2022.


This was the very first time in the history of events that great artists/ musicians like Aditya Ghadvi, Ishani Dave, Nandlal Changa, and Aghori Muzik came together and performed LIVE for an audience of around 1100+.


The on ground event was an instant success with the huge audience that were enjoying the DJ and the Rain Dance at the event amidst the staunch summer heat.


Not just a great way to bond with the users in Ahmedabad, ‘Holi ke Rang, $GARI ke Sang’ also proved to be an amazing used case for ticketing through $GARI tokens and to increase the app’s user base in the city. Just in 20 days of pre and post promotion of the event, we saw a rise in the app downloads from the region. Approximately 2.5 lakhs+ downloads were recorded from the region during the 20 days of Holi promotion + huge media traction for the event.


After the success of Holi ke Rang, $GARI ke Sang, team Chingari is excited to execute many such events this year that will count as successful use cases of using $GARI tokenomics for ticketing on events.
Look forward to many more such fun events in the coming 2-3 months!!

Leadership Communication

Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari App and Founder & CEO, GARI

Team Chingari has grown multi-fold in the last 2 years, from a team of 20 members in 2020, we are today a team of almost 150+, and I am thankful to each one of you for being an integral part of our growth journey and supporting us through thick and thin.

We are now not only one of the leading short-video app in India, but are also expanding in the other regions of the world. After a successful soft-launch in Indonesia, we will be looking at launching in a new market soon. 

Our backend and tech team are getting stronger by the day, and we are hiring the best tech support possible from across the world to make the app flawless and extremely user-friendly. Technology wise, our focus for the coming quarter will be to officially launch Chingari Audio, enhance the user- experience for our 150M+ user base and create awareness around $GARI Tokens. 

After the accomplishment of making GARI Panda NFTs a grand success, we will now be focusing on creating an NFT marketplace for our creators across India, and helping them in monetizing their content, mint their NFTs through $GARI.

Deepak Salvi

Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App and COO, GARI

The coming 2 months for team Chingari are going to be fun and exciting. We are preparing for many upcoming events that will be executed by us at a grand scale. 

With a plethora of amazing content that we are creating in-house, Chingari will soon be the most sought after source of entertainment for the viewers of India. From exclusive interviews to in-house music and much more will soon be witnessed by Chingarians. 

With our super supportive team members and the enhanced quality of content that we now see on the app, we are hopeful to become the best entertainment app of Bharat soon.

In Indonesia, we will be looking at officially launching the app and creating maximum buzz amongst the creator’s community in the region. After the success of Chingari Superstars in India, we are hoping to seamlessly replicate the contest for the Indonesian creators and achieve the similar overwhelming response that we got here.

There are too many exciting things happening in Chingari-verse, and I hope you all have geared up for the journey of your lives.

In The Spotlight
May Spotlight
Chingari powered by $GARI expands its reach to Tollywood music by announcing a music licensing deal with Aditya Music. Ranjan Singh from Saran, Bihar won the first award with Rs. 1 crore worth of GARI tokens. Jagrati Srivastav from Ghaziabad UP won Rs.25 lakh worth of GARI tokens. Chingari app and streaming platform Bongo have entered into a strategic partnership. As part of the partnership, the short-video app will now be able to access Bongo’s content library.
Chingari Champion

Backend-developers and teams always work hand-in-hand with the frontend team, and yet the focus/ spotlight is always enjoyed by the top leaders of the brand. It’s time that we share this spotlight with our Backend Heroes aka the Chingari Champions.


Our very first Chingari Champion is Vikash Kumar Verma- Lead Backend Engineer and the most eligible bachelor in Chingari. Oops, we would have to scratch the last part as Vikash just got married in April and most of us even attended his wedding :p


So here is what our candid conversation with Vikash reads like:


Q: Describe your job in a fun way

I am in charge of backend engineering. Though we are not visible to the outside world, we are the application’s supportive but essential backbone, and managing such a huge application is a great responsibility in itself. We need to check the ups and downs of various graphs to make the user experience as smooth as possible.


Q: How does your work help the app grow/develop further

We are constantly updating our application to reflect the most recent technological advancements. We are working on multiple features at the same time and even deploying them without any downtime. We are interested in every feature that a user can access.


Q: An expression that you use the most at work? What does it mean?


See the bigger picture – It’s very simple; I usually ask my team to think about or work on a solution while keeping in mind that it will be used by millions of people at the same time. In the software world, we often hear, “This is working in local” but make sure it works globally.


Q: Learnings at Chingari

I’d never worked on any application with such a wide customer base and concurrent traffic before. Scaling the application to such an extent is the most difficult task I’ve ever undertaken. By doing so, I learned a lot about each component of the application. Overall, it was a fabulous experience.


Q: What do your colleagues mean to you/ a few words for your team(colleagues)

My team is my backbone. They have given their all to complete the tasks on time. They are extremely helpful and are available 24/7. Some of them are the brightest gems in Chingari’s crown.


Q: A TV serial/movie/web series / comic character that best describes your boss

300, is the best movie, I think of, which describes my boss “Sumit Ghosh” the best. With a handful of people, he established a strong and huge empire. He is more of a leader than a boss. From the initial day till now, he has worked with everyone in the organization to make Chinagri a more stable application and to improve the user experience.


Q: A quote/song/book that has inspired you the most

I do read, but I read tech blogs and the latest trends in the industry. The evolving technologies are itself a motivation for adapting to new trends.

Creator’s Corner
Ekta Vaghasiya

In this segment, we would focus on upcoming and talented Chingari Creators who you must follow, the very first creator that we would like to focus on, is a fashion designer based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

Name: Ekta Vaghasiya

Chingari ID: 

Place: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Why should Chingari support her: Ekta is an upcoming fashion designer and has her own boutique. Her fashion and beauty videos are a treat to watch and she enjoys great engagement on her videos for her content.

Engagement rate: 77M views on Chingari App

Potential collaborations: We can approach Ekta for any potential collaboration opportunities with fashion and beauty brands.

So…Have You Met Ekta yet?

Bibliognost’s nook (the fact you had to search for the title, is why you need to read this!)
Chingari Superstars In The Making- An Overview


This legendary story began with a simple idea and the passionate desire of becoming the No.1 entertainer for new India. In India, where short-format content has become increasingly popular and relevant as a source of entertainment for the new-age digital viewers; realizing the growing importance of having relatable, unique and fresh content, the leading short-video app of India, Chingari powered by $GARI decided on celebrating the immensely talented Creators Community and began a month-long hunt for India’s 1st Chingari Superstars.

Top 5 Dancers


Chingari is a short-form video app that lets users create and share short videos with others. The app has over 4.5 million daily active users and is currently one of the most popular social entertaining apps in India. Many people use Chingari to post videos of themselves dancing. And because this is a social media app, some of these dancers have gained fame for their moves. Below are the 5 best dancers on Chingari that you should check out!

Chingari AI said so…!

Staying up to date with the latest trends in fashion and technology is not everyone’s cup of tea…but don’t worry, we got you (well at least for the tech part of it).


Chingari AI said so.., is a segment that brings to you new tech/ product features in Chingari App that you need to know about, from a new filter to a brand new product, we will cover it all!


Chingari launches Audio Rooms

1) Audio room feature is created to enable Chingari creators and users to have real time live audio communication on any topic of their choice.


2) Audio rooms is a mini app within the Chingari app, enabling users to create voice based rooms and connect with their followers and other Chingari users. It is accessible to all users who have created their profile on the app and are in a logged-in state. At a time a maximum of 10 users will have speaking rights and there is no limit for the number of audience to listen to the conversation. Users also have an option to express via text messages in the room chat.


3) Audio room offers users to customize their appearance and experiences in the room. Users can purchase themes, entrance effects, frames and ribbon using diamonds which is the in app currency and showcase it to other users. Users can also showcase their love to creators and speakers in the audio rooms by gifting virtual gifts.


4) Hosts can engage their audience by playing music from their device and streaming it in the live audio rooms.


5) To control the quality of conversation in the live audio rooms, Chingari has allowed creators to use any of the moderation features such as choosing who can speak in the room, who can be present in the room and who needs to be permanently banned from the room.

Do check out the Chingari Audio Room- the feature is available on android as well as iOS. Also, you can freely discuss anything and everything under the sun in your own private audio room with your users, friends, favorite creators and your colleagues too. Isn’t that just great!


Chingari Audio Room will be officially launched by our co-founders on 17th May at an event by IAMAI- Voice of Bharat 2022…so stay tuned!

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