Chingari and STAGE partner to provide fresh opportunities to hyperlocal Content Creators

Chingari and STAGE partner to provide fresh opportunities to hyperlocal Content Creators

Dialect-based Digital Video Content Platform (OTT) STAGE partners with Chingari’s to generate specific artist-based content (like poetry, comedy, web series etc.) on one of the country’s biggest short video-making platforms with over 68M user base. In order to expand the reach and connect with an audience away from the digital platform, STAGE has joined Chingari and will be showcasing its content on a daily basis on the platform.

STAGE is a digital, hyper-local, regional content platform that provides trending, entertaining, and informative dialect-based content. The variation of content in various dialects stands in line with Chingari’s vision of providing interactive and entertaining content in different languages across the country. The onboarding of STAGE on Chingari can be seen as an amalgamation of premium and sensible digital content and social media content which will open new opportunities and increase engagement on the platform.

Speaking on the expansion plans with STAGE, Sumit Ghosh, CEO, and Co-founder, Chingari said, “STAGE is one of the quality dialect-based OTT platforms in India that focuses on quality content creation and dissemination which stands strongly in line with our ideologies. Having STAGE as our client will only foster the progress of our creator pool. The daily update of new artist-based content such as comedy, web shows, web series, etc., by STAGE, will help those sitting at home learn from the videos and increase their skills. We look forward to a prolonged and successful partnership.”

Vinay Singhal STAGE

Adding his thoughts on this collaboration, Vinay Singhal, CEO & Co-founder of STAGE said, “This is the first of its kind collaboration between two platforms that cater to an almost similar audience. The objective is to provide the audience who are constrained in their homes, with easy access to skilful content based on their preferability and accessibility. It will also lead to increased audience traction on both the platforms, all the way making the audiences aware about two of the country’s best online content service providers.”

The two brands have over the past catered to thousands of content creators and have been a go-to-app for those who enjoy sharing quality content with the world. The platforms stand together on the principles of transparency, non-bias, authenticity, and growth for the common public. This is the very reason why both the brands have made their mark amongst the audiences in such a short span of time.

Deepak Salvi

Furthering the conversation about the collaboration, Deepak Salvi, COO & Co-founder, Chingari said, “Having STAGE as our partner has helped us dive into the space of acquiring insight on how the digital audience perceives our content and simultaneously will help STAGE to get a wider audience beyond the realm of the online digital space. Social media is a space that has limited constraints on harnessing a wider audience pool, making Chingari a very viable partner for STAGE and vice versa.”

Chingari has proudly onboarded renowned celebrity powerhouse, Salman Khan, as their Global Brand Ambassador. Chingari’s brand popularity speaks volumes with the likes of brands like TrueFan and Unlu Classes which have let celebrities such as Kareena Kapoor, Manoj Bajpai and Johnny Lever become a part in promoting contests for their respective brands that drive maximum participation in-app. Chingari has also collaborated with several other music labels and run diverse contests in a multi-linguistic fashion to foster the growth of talented youth in the country. Having STAGE on board is another step towards making ‘dreams come true’ for these aspiring young regional talents, by providing skill-based education to the audience.

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