Chingari announces global partnership with a record label company, Thrace Music


Homegrown short video-sharing app Chingari announces its global partnership with Thrace Music, an international record label company that boasts of a playlist by globally-famed artists like Brianna, Kate Linn, Monoir, Ehna, Qupra, Starla, Dharia, Iarina, Esotique, and many more.

With this strategic pact, Chingari will provide a large catalog of international music for its content creators and will have a new library of songs to choose from for their creator base. This association will foster better engagement on the app and garner more talent from all parts of India.

This invaluable partnership between Chingari and Thrace Music is part of the marketing strategy developed by Adventure Global India, Thrace Music’s exclusive licensing and distribution partner in India. The deal not only brings all talents and their upcoming songs to Chingari library, but is also in talks for more interesting collaboration with international talent to reach Indian audiences and bring-in new music experiences.

Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO of Chingari App, said, “Chingari has always been a step ahead in empowering our content creators. In the last few months, we have associated with a number of platforms to ensure that our content creators have countless options to make their videos more amazing.”

“Our pact with Thrace Music is another step to engage our audience. We are very confident that the tracks by Thrace Music will enjoy immense popularity on the platform as they have a universal appeal and there are songs for every mood,” Ghosh added.

Deepak Salvi, Co-founder and COO of Chingari App, said, music is meant for everyone, no matter who you are, or where you come from, everyone listens to music in some way. With such a vast pool of creators on Chingari we constantly work on source to provide new opportunities to create interesting and engaging videos.”

“And that’s how Chingari has always been on top of its game. This association with Thrace Music having its music on the app is giving a global platform to our creators,” Salvi said.

Chris aka Monoir, Founder, said, “We are very excited to partner with India’s most loved short video app Chingari. Our music has been immensely popular in India and we have received so much love from music lovers here. The association with Chingari is like music finding its way to a larger audience, which will help both the platforms reach newer heights and engage more people.

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