Chingari App Collaborated With Bahare Aahare Food Festival 2022


Chingari recently had a collaboration with Bahare Aahare Food Festival where 4 of Chingari’s Bengali Dance Creators performed on the stage. Bahare Aahare did its 6th edition of food festival at South Kolkata’s Gurudwara Park, Rashbehari. It was an exciting event with a great turnout. The Bengali Dance Creators of Chingari were there to entertain the audience.

The Bahare Aahare Food Festival was organised by a group of people who wanted to celebrate Bengali culture and heritage. The event was held for five days starting from May 19 to May 23, 2022.

The Bahare Aahare Food Festival was a huge success and the Bengali Dance Creators on Chingari had their performance on Saturday, May 21.

It was a beautiful day with beautiful performances. The organizers were happy with the turnout, but it started raining soon after the event began and many people left before the performances were over.

Chingari Bengal’s Top 4 dancers – Megha, Kishore, Sagar & Surjo performed on the stage (Saturday, May 21) . They have performed in various events in the past and this time, they were invited by Bahare Aahare Food Festival to perform on their stage.All the people inside the festival ground enjoyed their performance and were looking for some more. But due to the worst weather conditions, they couldn’t do more than two dances.

Here’s some glimpses of the event:

Bahare Aahare Food Festival 2022