Chingari Coins: How They Work & How To Earn Them

Chingari Coins

Entertainment apps are a new buzz to the internet. After all, there’s no better way of spending leisure time while having a good laugh. The Indian audience has shown immense interest in one such short video app- Chingari, which set its foot in the market a while ago but managed to get over 50 million+ downloads in no time! And our audience is loving the features. 

One such fascinating feature is the Chingari coins. We, at Chingari, added it after a popular user demand. And we are glad to meet your expectations. Let’s get into how to earn the Chingari coins. 

What Is Chingari? 

Chingari is a short video app created by an Indian company. The entertainment platform allows its users to browse, create and share videos, play games, and read the news. With over 50 million+ users, Chingari offers a commendable exposure to creative and talented individuals so that they can craft something out of the box. 

What Are Chingari Coins? 


Chingari coins are a fun way to make money on Chingari. Get coins by being active on the app. Or you can participate in contests to earn from them. You can convert these coins into cash and redeem them from your wallet into your UPI account at any time! Depending on the number of Chingari coins in your wallet, your Chingari cash varies- the minimum value being 1000 coins. Now you can earn while having fun! 

How To Get Chingari Coins? 

To earn money on Chingari, first, you have to download the Chingari application on your device from the Google play store or the App Store. 

1. Download the Chingari app for free and select your language to launch the app. It lets you sign-up with your email or phone number via OTP. Sign up for your account to get 100 coins as a joining bonus. 

2. Now, once you have completed signing up for your new account, you can earn money by getting Chingari coins for various activities you perform on the app. Here’s how you can earn: 

1. Add Original Audio (10,000 coins) 

Record original audio and upload it on the Chingari library to get a whopping bonus of 10,000 coins! You can make the audio up to 60 seconds long, but be mindful of any copyrighted content. We only endorse the original creators. 

P.s.- In a day you can win coins for a maximum of 5 videos.

2. Use Trending Hashtags (minimum 25,000 coins) 

Participate in the trending hashtag contests by tagging relevant #tags on your posts. Each qualified video will get a minimum of 25,000 Chingari coins and verified profile’s qualified videos will get 50,000 Chingari coins. Avoid using more than one trending tag, and use other generic tags for your video. Your image must be relevant to the hashtag, or else our moderation pool might not approve it. No approval= no coins! 

P.s.- In a day you can win coins for a maximum of 5 videos.

3. View a Video (1 coin) 

You get a coin every time you enjoy a video! How cool is that? There is no limit to getting cash on the videos you watch, but wait- watch them till the end. You won’t get coins for scrolling through your feed! 

Watch Amazing Videos

4. Comment on Videos (1 coin) 

Get coins to leave happy, encouraging comments on your favourite marvellous creators’ videos. But don’t spam! We only reward for the first 50 comments every day. Save some of your energy for tomorrow. 

5. Share the Content (5 coins) 

Spread the joy! Make sure your peers don’t miss out on that marvelous dance move. Share the videos you love on any social media app with your friends and family. Entertainment is what’s needed! 

6. Follow Other Creators (10 coins) 

There’s more than just one benefit of following the best creators- you never miss out on their latest videos, and you get to earn on the go! Do you love a creator? Make sure you follow them on Chingari! 

P.s.- We only reward you for 25 follows every 12 hours. So don’t go gala with it! 

Find Best Creators

7. The Big Bonus! (1000 coins) 

Do you think you can be India’s next Chingari sensation? Chingari selects its best creator from the platform and features them on the top of the trending section! Get more fans and become the next influencer with your creativity and charm. We reward our trending creators with a big fat bonus of 10,000 coins!!! 

P.s.- In a day you can win coins for a maximum of 5 videos.

Where Do My Chingari Coins Go? 

You can access your Chingari coins from the home page of the short video app. The tiny icon on the top left leads you to a collection of these coins- known as the Chingari wallet. The wallet displays the summary of earned Chingari coins and Chingari money. Click on either of the options, and you will get a history of your activities on Chingari. 

How To Redeem Chingari Cash? 

One must have a minimum of 1000 coins to redeem them into Chingari cash. Do you think you have enough coins in your wallet? Here’s what to do next: 

1. To convert your coins into cash, click on your Chingari wallet and click on the Coins icon. You will get a summary and history of your activities that earned coins. 

2. Click on the Redeem Coins button, enter the coins to redeem, and click on Redeem Now. Your coins will automatically convert into cash and will transfer into the wallet. 

3. Click on the Chingari cash icon and tap on the Withdraw button. (Remember, you need a minimum of ₹10 to withdraw.) You will get an option to link your active PayTm number. 

4. Enter the mobile number linked to your Paytm wallet, enter the amount that you wish to withdraw, then click on Create Withdrawal Request. And Chingari will immediately start processing your request. 

That’s it. You will get the cash in your UPI account within 15 working days! 

And this is how you can earn coins and convert them into cash on Chingari- India’s best short video maker app. Do you have a query? Or would you like to start earning now? Download the Chingari app and get started with us TODAY! 

Download The Chingari App Now! 


We are looking for the best content creators who can help us in entertaining everyone virtually! And we are continually doing our best to transform Chingari into an entertainment hub. Get started with us if you got a fire in your belly. Download Chingari NOW, and contact us in case of any questions/queries/suggestions at [email protected].