Chingari starts GARI mining program, eyes global expansion


Creators and users on the app can earn GARI tokens which can be traded on exchanges for money

Chingari, an on-chain social app, has announced the GARI Mining program to empower its  four crore monthly average users (MAU). The platform is also eying expansion in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. 

Under this Create-2-Earn, Watch-2-Earn and Engage-2-earn program, creators and users can earn GARI, the world’s biggest Social Token for doing in-app activities including creating, liking, and sharing videos. 

The GARI tokens will be distributed to the creators from a daily pool of 50,000 tokens, out of which 5,000 tokens will be set aside for the daily login bonus. The remaining 45,000 GARI will be rewarded to the users/creators for enjoying in-app activities including watching, liking, and sharing videos on the app. 

Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Chingari and GARI token, said, “now, creators and users on the app can earn GARI tokens which can be traded on exchanges for money and creators will not be at the mercy of brand collaborations as their only source of income. The program will offer Rs. 93 crore ($12 million) to the creators and users annually.”  

The earnings can be further increased by using GARI Badges which are the NFTs a user/creator can purchase in the Chingari app to multiply their daily GARI earnings up to 10x, depending on the badge level, said the company. 

Expansion Plans

The platform had recently expanded its operations in Indonesia and intends to cover more geographies. Ghosh told BusinessLine, “we intend to expand in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand among others. Also in Latin America and Africa, in due time.”

Chingari will also be launching the next collection of video Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The platform will launch ten videos each of the creators who had won the Chingari Super Star contest. 

The Chingari platform has more than 13 crore users, and witnesses videos in more than 15 languages with over 50 lakh daily active users. Chingari’s native token, GARI enables short-form video creators to monetize their content on the Blockchain with the GARI token.

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