Five things to keep in mind before making a short content video


The early growth of GARI is in stark contrast to the project it is aiming to catch. There are actually some similarities between them.

The idea of entertainment has changed a lot, from theatre plays and films to fifteen-second videos on Instagram or youtube. Sometimes we changed the entertainment and sometimes the entertainment changed us. The hectic schedule won’t allow us to watch television or film but the demand for entertainment stays. This demand for entertainment created a new generation viewing style of content that can be consumed anywhere and it won’t take a lot of time. In this time and age of such short format content, a lot of creators are emerging and working on creating quality content and popularising their work or in other words hoping to make their content viral to reach out to a wider set of audiences, and build a proper career around this. Since millions of people are in this race to be stars, the need to create good quality, better than the rest, content has developed significantly.

Things to keep in mind

If you want to make good videos and want to entertain people, you should keep these points in mind. It’s not necessary to follow every point but if you follow these points you can achieve a more professional look and the chances of making it go viral increases.

The idea of your content

You should always remember that you are making these videos for other people and it’s very important that you know what you want to make. It may seem like the content creators are just talking to the camera but in reality, most of them write their content and then record it. It’s better to prepare than to look immature. You can also select the category of your content, it can be about food, fashion, comedy, poetry or something different. It is also important that you mainly focus on the idea of the content and make it as relevant as possible for your audiences.

Quality video

The quality of your video is very important because if your audience is unable to understand the video or your video looks dull then the audience will instantly lose interest. But nowadays phone cameras are very powerful. They can record your content in HD format which helps to make HD content very easily. You should also keep the phone steady so that the video doesn’t seem jittery. You can achieve steady footage by buying a tripod for your phone camera or you can keep your phone at a place where it can capture your video without shaking.


Editing is one of the most important parts of content creation. It helps you to stitch between two frames and gives you the freedom to remove what’s not necessary. Apps like Instagram, Youtube and Chingari come with an edit option where you can edit your video after shooting and then you can share it with the audience. The short-video platform Chingari comes loaded with effects and filters which makes your video look professional and filters give your video a feel or a theme that helps you to connect with more people.

Sound and Light

We all know that writing, editing and camera are the important tools of content creation but have you seen those videos where you can’t understand a word or the video is too dark to understand? We all know what we do when we see such videos, we skip those videos. In order to achieve a good quality video, content creators ought to invest in good lighting and sound equipment like ring lights, audio recorders, etc, but again, those things can be pretty expensive. Apps like Chingari help the upcoming content creators invest more in their videos by giving them a chance to monetize their uploaded content on the app through $GARI Tokens, thereby promoting the cultivation of good quality content.

Where to post

There are a lot of apps where you can post your videos like Instagram, Facebook or Youtube but not every app will push your videos. For example, Instagram does not pay its creators, the only way Instagram influencers earn is by promoting products or advertising. Creators can try and make videos on various short-video apps to make their videos, but not all apps offer monetization to upcoming creators.  If you want to be a content creator and earn from your content then choosing an app that promotes your video as well as pays you for your video according to the views you get should be the way to go. Chingari powered by $GARI which not only promotes your video but also it will pay you as per the views you get. Getting all the gadgets for content creation can be a bit expensive, posting videos on Chingari can help you earn so that you can buy professional equipment to look more professional.

To promote more content creators Chingari has also launched Chingari Superstars contest present by KuCoin, powered by $GARI where the participants can win $GARI tokens worth 2 crores. This contest aims at bringing in the best content creators from all regions of India, no matter how remote and inspiring them to create more content by pushing them to win a generous reward that will help them further their careers in this industry.

This app is no doubt on its way to revolutionising content creation and monetization by giving a platform to the creators in this industry and making a fortune out of it. 

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