How Chingari Celebrates International Women’s Day 2021


International Women’s Day | A Day Celebrated Right By Chingari- The Short Video Sharing App 

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It is about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” 

G. D. Anderson 

Today’s International Women’s Day, Chingari salutes its women joining hands from around the globe, breaking all the barriers, and standing up for themselves. Thanks to our amazing creators- Chingari successfully provides exposure to sprouting talents seeded in the nooks and corners of our country. 

This Women’s Day, Chingari has come out with a special campaign for all the lovely ladies out there! To celebrate the amazing women we have in our lives, we invite you to participate in our #SheGotSpark challenge. 

#SheGotSpark – The Chingari Way! 

We are trying to find resilient women from all walks of life who are passionate about sharing their stories with the world! With the #SheGotSpark challenge, we encourage all the women to bring out the real you via your videos till 8th March 2021. We will feature the best of all from all genres on all of our platforms. 

With the #SheGotSpark campaign, we want to help you showcase your talent and motivate our audience with your stories. Go creative, have fun, and let the world see the power of you! 

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How Are Our Creators Contributing? 

We honor all the ladies who have helped Chingari thrive among its supportive audience, and we cannot help but show it off! Here are some of our women creators who shared their route to success with us: 

1. Shilpi Kaushik (Belly Dancer) 

Shilpi uses the sway of her hips and the grace of her moves to woo us all. Her elegance is her magic wand, and #SheGotSpark with her confidence! Discover the power of dance and groove to the beats with @bellybabe only on Chingari. 

2. Anjali Kapoor (Certified Yoga Instructor) 

With a fierce soul and the will to never give up, Anjali inspires us to push our limits a little more every day. This Chingari creator won millions of hearts with her fitness tips and motivated them to focus on their progress and not on perfection. Practice yoga and learn more about gymming with @theanjalikapoor159 today. 

3. Aditi Joshi (Singer) 

Our budding artists are our asset, and Aditi represents the best of all. With a melodious voice and a charming personality, she is a role model for the aspiring singers on our platform. We are proud to encourage talent on our platform, and @singeraditi is here to assist us in the process! 

4. Tamannah Ahmed (Beauty & Makeup) 

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and in the hands of the right makeup artist! Our users are crushing on Tamannah’s grasp with fashion and beauty, and we are fangirling over her recent videos! Learn more about the evolving fashion trends and get the right makeup tips from @iamtamannahahmed on Chingari. 

5. Rani Patel (Gymming) 

She is Shakti, and she beholds the power of the universe! Rani has encouraged her audience- especially the young girls to start working on their fitness, health, and self-defense skills. @ranipatel shares her story about how the process of growth never ceases and why working hard is a prerequisite to success. 

Paying Tribute To Our Inspirations! 

This International Women’s Day week, we pay daily homage to some of the most ambitious, courageous, and unshakeable women. 

Our first tribute goes to Supriya Bambawale, a strong & successful marketing professional. We have also shared success stories of Femina Miss India runner-up- Manya Singh, the singing sensation- Divya Kumar, the National hero- Sania Mirza, the human-computer- Shakuntala Devi, a successful CEO- Deepa Kotwani, and many more. 

Cheers to years of hard work, sleepless nights, and an unwavering mind! 

How Can You Participate? 

This International Women’s Day, let’s take a pledge to be happy with who we are, and let’s not be hesitant about bringing it out! Join our hands in this journey, and participate in the #SheGotSpark channel to get featured on all of our platforms. Here’s what to do: 

1. Create an original video showcasing your talent, creativity, and originality. We endorse content from all genres. 

2. Post your videos on Chingari with the hashtag #SheGotSpark to participate in the challenge. 

3. When sharing the same videos on other social media, do not forget to tag us and use the #SheGotSpark. 

We will pick the best artists and bring them in front of the whole world! 

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Get, Set, Rock ’em All! 

Do you think you have got a spark? We, at Chingari, are trying to reach the best content creators determined to dream big! Participate in the #SheGotSpark challenge and share your story with the world today. Ride along our journey and be a part of our family! Download the Chingari app NOW.