How to Earn Gari Token in Chingari App?


Once seen as a side hobby, becoming an influencer is now a completely possible career, nowhere has a platform taken the concept of an influencer further than Chingari. With user-centric features we allow influencers to monetize every single part of our platform.

If you’re looking to earn a living on Chingari, there are several core features you should be taking advantage of.

Here, we’ll walk through the best features that earn you money, demonstrating why this platform is great for making a living as an influencer as well as a user.

How to Earn Gari?

With the integration of $GARI, Chingari’s native cryptocurrency, into the platform, you can earn and then cash out of this ecosystem. Putting users first, Chingari has developed a range of functions that users can carry out in order to gain $GARI.

Direct Tips

Direct tips are one of the most straightforward ways that a content creator can earn an income on the Chingari platform. When a user chooses to tip a creator, the influencer will receive the $GARI tip.

A user can choose to tip the content creator, either directly from the video creator’s profile or wallet.

From there, they can either leave the tokens in their account and let them accrue value as $GARI continues to rise or cash them out at major exchanges.

Create or watch to Earn

We are revolutionizing the incentive structure for our users, where every content creator will be incentivized to create and upload entertaining content. Also, every user who participates in the ecosystem will be rewarded with Gari tokens.

Overall every Chingari user with an active Gari wallet will earn Gari tokens through the programme “Participate to Earn”. These rewards will be given based on activities on the Chingari platform, including but not limited to Video creation, watching, sharing, liking, referring, and much more. We’ll soon announce the details of the programme.


Users who’ll activate Gari wallet and complete KYC will be rewarded Gari tokens for being early adopters of Social Entertainment on Blockchain. The sooner the user becomes a part of the Gari ecosystem the more rewards will be earned. Gari Airdrop programme will also consider the historical performance of users on Chingari.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll add a lot more features and incentives to the Gari ecosystem in the coming months.