Social App Chingari partners with Celebrity Fan Engagement Platform, TrueFan


New Delhi: Chingari, India’s very own short-video sharing platform, always partners with similar-minded businesses for unique offerings for its users. This time, it has partnered with TrueFan, the fastest-growing celebrity fan engagement platform that helps fans to get connected with their favourite celebs, and receive personalised video messages and video calls. This association will be novel in terms of varied endeavours.

A celebrity-fan engagement platform, TrueFan allows the users a one-off personalised interface with their fans and vice-versa. Celebs like Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Ranveer Singh & Tiger Shroff are its part. They vow to stay in limelight with the right noise from contests, partnership, etc.

In fact, the very first collaboration between Chingari, India’s very own short-video sharing platform and TrueFan, is an exciting contest called #TrueFanChingari. Launching on 23rd May, it will be a matchless competition for all true fans.

Sumit Ghosh

Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO of Chingari App, said, “Chingari is really excited to partner with TrueFan, another exciting app with a similar mindset. Though we work in diverse ways, our motto is the same – entertainment with engagement. The #TrueFanChingari contest can be called the first such fun collaboration for true fans to reach out to their stars. We know this contest will be a hit amongst the movie-mad crowd. And we promise to bring more such thrilling projects through our association with TrueFan.”

Deepak Salvi

Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO of Chingari App, adds, “Both Chingari & TrueFan believe in being the platforms of the people, by the people and for the creators. Both of us have bound ourselves to create projects that matter to both of us & our users and are also quite fun for them. #TrueFanChingari will be the first of many such fantastic ventures. We will make sure that participants in the contest will have as much fun as the viewers of their videos. We are confident that our innovative partnership will be a hit for both our consumers.” 

Nimish Goel

Nimish Goel, Co-Founder & CEO of TrueFan, said, “Indians harbour unconditional love for celebrities. TrueFan aims to fulfil the dreams of countless fans to share a personal moment with their favourite superstars at a price point equal to a cup of coffee. We are elated to partner with Chingari, another like-minded app, for this contest and hope for #TrueFanChingari to be the first of many such exciting ventures! participants must promote their content on Chingari, while TrueFan is set to release it’s Fan Anthem, users need to show their skills by showcasing their talent with the tune of Fan Anthem.  They can share how their favourite inspiring stars sparked a ‘Chingari’ in their heart while they prove themselves to be TrueFan. Winners will receive a video message from Kareena Kapoor”.

Chingari & TrueFan have upped the game in its promotions. Things like Weekly Hashtags, Banner Placements, and Pop-up Notification for the Hashtag Challenges Videos will be used to attract attention on Chingari. The content will be regularly featured on Chingari. All collaborations between them will be the focal point through promotional activities on social media.

Chingari, a homegrown short-video sharing platform, has been gaining popularity since its launch. What it offers is for users to download and upload videos, chat with friends, interact with new people, share content, browse through feeds, etc. A popular platform amongst youngsters, the app is fast gaining acceptance in India and abroad.

This interesting contest by Chingari and TrueFan together is the first of such amazing offerings. Watch out for the launch of #TrueFanChingari on 23rd May Keep a lookout for more such attractive & innovative ventures from the partnership between Chingari & TrueFan.

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