What Is The Verification Process On Chingari?


Don’t you want to get yourself verified on Chingari? You are not the only one. Many people want to be popular on social media platforms so that they could influence other users to follow their creations and make their content go viral.

However, it is not easy to get a coveted verified badge. Obviously, there is so much competition between the creators. In case, you are not a public figure or a celebrity, it would be too tough for you to catch the attention on such social media platforms.

But being a creator, what you can do is to deliver engaging content to your audience so that you could gain more likes and followers. And if you are really good with your creation, you might be able to attract the attention of social media algorithms to get a blue check mark.

So, are you ready to get a Chingari verification badge on your account? If yes, here are the things you should know.

How Can You Request Verification On Chingari?

Unlike with other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you do not need to apply for a verification on Chingari. Based on the number of followers and likes you have on your Chingari videos, you could be able to gain the attention of the Chingari team. 

Mostly if you have more than a 100k followers with lots of Chingari likes on your really well crafted videos, then you could be able to get recognition from the team of Chingari. And they would even grant you verification by their own initiative. 

However, beware of any kind of scams! Chingari doesn’t ask for money to provide verification to its users. Don’t fall for the tricks of swindlers who claim to make you a popular Chingari star by taking your hard earned money. It is not legitimate, and you might even get cheated.

To be successful on Chingari, you should depend upon your own creativity and craft skill. Try to create more engaging videos on Chingari. And in the end, you might be able to get yourself a verification badge.

Verification Process On Chingari

The team of Chingari has a simple criterion for the selection of its verified users. Creators who have verified accounts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and they are also pretty active in creating entertaining videos on Chingari. Then their account would get automatically verified.

If a user is someone who has some great achievements to be acknowledged by the public or media like newspapers, TV shows, and magazines, then such users may also get verified on Chingari.

To verify other creators, the team of Chingari checks the consistency of their daily followers’ growth. And also find whether they are getting a good number of views on their videos or not.

The Chingari team also keeps their eyes on the most viral content of creators. So if your created Chingari videos are going viral on social media platforms and you are getting more likes, views, and followers, then you can also get a verified account on Chingari.

Things You Can Do To Get Chingari Verification

Be Consistent With Your Fantastic Posts

Even if you are not creating a viral video every day, but when you are consistent with creating engaging videos, then your audience would reward you with more Chingari likes, viewers, and followers. So make sure to create entertaining videos on Chingari using its exclusive camera features and awesome music. That way, you can certainly work toward making your content viral worthly.

Collab And Engage With Others

On Chingari, you can collaborate with your favorite creator to make entertaining viral videos for your audience. It would also help you to attract more views on your videos. And you might be able to enhance your reach with the audience and grow your followers count exponentially on Chingari.

Make Achievement To Get Noticed

Have you achieved something great and extraordinary in your life? If yes, then you would get noticed by everybody. Since noteworthy things would always catch the attention of media coverage. And it would also help you to become more popular in Chingari.

Get Verified Account On Other Social Media Platforms

In case you are already a public figure and got a verified account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, or any other social media platform. Then you can also get a verified account on Chingari. You just need to connect your accounts with the Chingari platform and wait to get a verified Chingari badge on your account.

Wrapping Words

Instead of getting too focused on getting a verified Chingari badge on your profile, you should try to be more creative with your craft so that you can make engaging videos for your audience. 

Try to make entertaining videos, engage with your audience, and don’t forget to participate in the latest contests of Chingari. 

It would surely help you to get a better reach with the audience. That way, you would gain more Chingari likes, views, and followers. And you might even be able to get a verified Chingari badge on your account.