The 05 Biggest Chingari Trends You Should Be Following Right Now


Of all kinds of ambition, the one that pursues fame is the wildest. And this generation, in particular, seems the most fascinated by it. Although getting famous is no piece of cake, this beautiful thing called the internet brings the fickle lady fame to everyone’s domain. And thanks to applications like Chingari, reaching out to millions of audiences is now more feasible than ever.

Chingari is a short video application that provides its users with a platform to create, browse, and share short videos. With over 30 million+ users, Chingari offers a commendable platform for creative and talented individuals to craft something out of the box. 

Are you a content creator? Do you think you have the potential to be India’s next influencer? Download the Chingari app to step into the arena of entertainment. Here are the top 5 trends that you should be following on Chingari right now: 

1. #myburjkhalifadance 

Share your crazy dance moves with the world. Groove to the beats of the all-new Burj Khalifa song by Fox Star Hindi. The #myburjkhalifadance is a perfect challenge for all the dancers and video content creators out there. Chingari offers you the best music gallery. Add tracks to your videos by choosing the song from our music library or the explore section. 

2. #tanhaai 

Chingari brings you the #tanhaai challenge by T-Series. Participate in the #tanhaai contest, and two lucky winners will get rewarded with Amazon gift vouchers. To win this contest, create and post a video with the newly released song Tanhaai by Tulsi Kumar. Do not forget to add caption and #tanhaai on your post. Share with your friends and feature on the explore section of this app! 

3. #ioj 

Chingari presents the sports enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to showcase their talent. We introduce you to India’s first virtual football freestyle competition. Get ready to participate in Open Juggling 2020 by BCFI India. Register at Shoot and post your freestyle juggling video and post on the Chingari app. Use the hashtag #ioj to win a lot of prizes! 

4. yehaichingarizindagi 

Get a chance to win the next #yehaichingarizindagi and get featured on our creators’ page. Create a video with the hashtag #yehhaichingarizindagi by adding your own twist with the transitions, effects, and filters. Post and share fun videos with this hashtag, and share it with the world to showcase your creative side. 

5. #chingaristars 

Use this hashtag when posting your best video creations on Chingari. We feature the videos of the most popular content creators on the explore page under this hashtag. Reach millions of online viewers and go viral in no time! Start shooting your video NOW! 

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