Chingari App collaborates with Readers Books Club to provide wisdom of books


Chingari, India’s renowned short video app has collaborated with Readers Books Club, a summary YouTube channel for books, to provide its users with a unique experience of acquiring knowledge through the short video app. The prime thought behind Chingari and Readers Books Club coming together is to share the knowledge of books on social media which is a rare concept but a much needed one. The GenZ today must be provided access to the world of books on a social media platform that is widely used across the country.

Bongo and Chingari aim to woo the emerging youth of Bharat with the heart-touching, fun and entertaining videos by Chingari creators in association with Bongo.

Speaking on the collaboration, Sumit Ghosh, CEO & Co-Founder, Chingari, said, “The young and zealous users on our platform adapt fast to the world of social media and are aggressively involved in creating and consuming content. With our collaboration with Readers Books Club, our aim is to open the world of books to these young minds so that they can learn about different sectors and niches.”

Excited about the tie up with Chingari, Amit said, “We are really excited for this collaboration, as Chingari is the exact platform, which people are looking for, owing to the presence of a robust short video format, which is the new trend across all platforms. I think this is an opportunity, where we will be able to connect to millions of people and share all the knowledge, lessons and learning from 1000s of books from Inspiration, motivation to leadership to mythology to spirituality to habits to success principles and what not.”

This collaboration will be an opportunity for the social media app users to gain an opportunity to discover some amazing books which can help them to be successful in life, helping them learn and grow. In today’s busiest world people are so busy in their own lives that they forget to give some time for their personal learning.  The content created by Readers Books Club on Chingari will help the users in gaining knowledge in an exciting and easy to understand format.

With this collaboration both Chingari and Readers Books Club aim at improving the knowledge and book reading habits amongst the audiences. While the users will not directly read books, it will bring them closer to the world of books which has innumerable advantages for them and their growth.

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