Catching up with Chingari Superstars: Ranjan Singh

Catching up with Chingari Superstars: Ranjan Singh

Bhikhari Thakur, known as the “Shakespeare of Bhojpuri,” Chitragupt Shrivastava, an Indian film music director, Ramchandra Manjhi, an Indian Bhojpuri folk dancer, and Ranjan Singh, India’s first Chingari Superstar, all have one thing in common: their creativity, talent, uniqueness of their art and content, and their place of origin- Saran aka Chapra district in Bihar.

While the other renowned names mentioned above have already achieved excellence and fame through their work, Ranjan Singh is a Superstar in the Making, and his most recent accomplishment was winning the ultimate title of Chingari Superstars — the biggest contest for the creators’ community across India.  Along with the title, he received a whopping reward worth 1 crore in $GARI Tokens.

In a candid interview with Ranjan Singh, the very first Chingari Superstar, we learned the following about his life:

Ranjan Singh is a 15-year-old student preparing for his 10th-grade board exams, which begin on April 28th.

He is currently studying for his board exams after winning the Chingari Superstars title.

Chingari Superstars Winner – Ranjan Singh

His family of six members, including his parents and three siblings, are ecstatic about his victory and are celebrating by informing the rest of the clan. His friends have been treating him as the group’s Star ever since his big win.

When asked what he would like to do with the prize and what his plans are for the future, Ranjan stated, “I would like to buy an iPhone for each of my family members who have supported me and helped me win this contest.” Along with this, he plans to invest in new equipment such as mics, professional cameras, and lights to improve the quality of his videos.

Following his board exams, Ranjan intends to create more scripted comedy content and eventually make a career as a well-known comedian, similar to his inspiration, the very popular Ashish Chanchlani.

Ranjan Singh – Chingari SuperStars 1st Winner

“I was very determined to become the winner of this contest from the very beginning,” Ranjan said of his journey to becoming the Chingari Superstar. My siblings and I used to sleep for only 3-4 hours a day because we spent our entire day creating content for the Chingari Superstars contest and then soliciting votes from everyone we could in order to ensure my victory.”

When asked for advice for aspiring creators, Ranjan stated, “I would urge every single creator to always be sure of their goals, be determined, and make the content that they are passionate about with all of their dedication and hard work, because Hard Work is always the key to success.”

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