Chingari Superstars In The Making – An Overview

Chingari Superstars In The Making- An Overview

This legendary story began with a simple idea and the passionate desire of becoming the No.1 entertainer for new India. In India, where short-format content has become increasingly popular and relevant as a source of entertainment for the new-age digital viewers; realising the growing importance of having relatable, unique and fresh content, the leading short-video app of India, Chingari powered by $GARI decided on celebrating the immensely talented Creators Community and began a month-long hunt for India’s 1st Chingari Superstars.

In the new era of storytelling, where at one end we have quite many well established and highly-talented Indian influencers who have achieved excellence in the creators’ ecosystem across the globe. There are many budding creators in the making – who are currently struggling to get the right platform in order to reach their audiences. Providing the correct platform and training the upcoming creators has been Chingari’s main focus since its launch.

Ranjan Singh, a 15-year-old student hailing from Saran in Bihar, started his journey of becoming the very 1st Chingari Superstar back in March 2022, when Chingari officially launched ‘Chingari Superstars’ – The biggest contest for content creators across India. With the aim of achieving the ultimate title, Ranjan started making comedy videos on the most popular and trending topics. Soon enough the traction that he received from the audiences grew tremendously and Ranjan became more confident than ever about winning the title and the huge reward of $GARI Tokens worth 1 Crore. 

Ranjan Singh – Chingari SuperStars 1st Winner

Jagrati Srivastav, who came in a close 2nd, is a software analyst from Ghaziabad in real life and is an amazing content creator in her reel life. Showcasing her talents on Chingari, Jagrati was able to win $GARI Tokens worth 25 lakhs. Her engaging content in fashion, lifestyle and make-up has been adored by millions of viewers on the Chingari app. Making content on social media and short-video apps like Chingari has been a hobby for Jagrati. Her interest in making relatable and creative content for her followers has finally paid off for her, said her family, friends and colleagues.

Jagrati Srivastav – Chingari SuperStars Winner

The 3rd winner of Chingari Superstars – Ashwini, is now planning to buy new tech equipment like lights, mics, and an upgraded machine for editing and is going to mainly focus on enhancing her video quality furthermore. She will be able to do this with the reward that she has received from winning the Superstars contest i.e. $GARI Tokens worth 10 lakhs. The sum would also be used by her to support her mother financially. 

Ashwini – Chingari SuperStars Winner

Nagasree and Kajal Paul who received a reward of $GARI Tokens worth 1 lakh each have been celebrating their epic win in the contest of the year.

Nagasree, a Bangalore resident, has been constantly making videos on Chingari for her users who love her comedy and lip-sync videos.

On the other hand, Kajal from Siliguri, West Bengal is known and loved by her followers for her amazing dance videos. 

Winning this contest was just the beginning for these 5 content creators. They have a long and successful journey ahead of them, and Chingari powered by $GARI will be supporting them to achieve all their dreams and become Superstars in real life too.

Chingari will be announcing the 2nd season of Chingari Superstars soon, and the epic saga of Superstars in the Making will continue for the next batch of upcoming creators waiting to be explored.

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