Meet Our First Chingari Champion, Vikash Kumar Verma – Lead Backend Engineer

Chingari Champion is Vikash Kumar Verma- Lead Backend Engineer

Backend-developers and teams always work hand-in-hand with the frontend team, and yet the focus/ spotlight is always enjoyed by the top leaders of the brand. It’s time that we share this spotlight with our Backend Heroes aka the Chingari Champions.

Our very first Chingari Champion is Vikash Kumar Verma- Lead Backend Engineer and the most eligible bachelor in Chingari. Oops, we would have to scratch the last part as Vikash just got married in April and most of us even attended his wedding :p

So here is what our candid conversation with Vikash reads like:

Q: Describe your job in a fun way

A. I am in charge of backend engineering. Though we are not visible to the outside world, we are the application’s supportive but essential backbone, and managing such a huge application is a great responsibility in itself. We need to check the ups and downs of various graphs to make the user experience as smooth as possible.

Q: How does your work help the app grow/develop further

A. We are constantly updating our application to reflect the most recent technological advancements. We are working on multiple features at the same time and even deploying them without any downtime. We are interested in every feature that a user can access.

Q: An expression that you use the most at work? What does it mean? 

A. See the bigger picture – It’s very simple; I usually ask my team to think about or work on a solution while keeping in mind that it will be used by millions of people at the same time. In the software world, we often hear, “This is working in local” but make sure it works globally.

Q: Learnings at Chingari

 A. I’d never worked on any application with such a wide customer base and concurrent traffic before. Scaling the application to such an extent is the most difficult task I’ve ever undertaken. By doing so, I learned a lot about each component of the application. Overall, it was a fabulous experience.

Q: What do your colleagues mean to you/ a few words for your team(colleagues)

A. My team is my backbone. They have given their all to complete the tasks on time. They are extremely helpful and are available 24/7.  Some of them are the brightest gems in Chingari’s crown.

Q: A TV serial/movie/web series / comic character that best describes your boss

A. 300, is the best movie, I think of, which describes my boss “Sumit Ghosh” the best. With a handful of people, he established a strong and huge empire. He is more of a leader than a boss. From the initial day till now, he has worked with everyone in the organization to make Chinagri a more stable application and to improve the user experience.

Q: A quote/song/book that has inspired you the most

A. I do read, but I read tech blogs and the latest trends in the industry. The evolving technologies are itself a motivation for adapting to new trends.

Posted By: Team Chingari