“Holi ke Rang, $GARI ke Sang” – Holi Festival 2022


In the scorching heat of Ahmedabad, on 18th March, team Chingari executed the most happening and Sizzling Holi Fest ever seen by the Ahmdabadis. 

Along with some big names of the Gujarat film fraternity, the magnificent décor, music and entertainment at the Holi festival made it one of the most popular Holi events of 2022. 

This was the very first time in the history of events that great artists/ musicians like Aditya Ghadvi, Ishani Dave, Nandlal Changa, and Aghori Muzik came together and performed LIVE for an audience of around 1100+.

The on ground event was an instant success with the huge audience that were enjoying the DJ and the Rain Dance at the event amidst the staunch summer heat. 

Not just a great way to bond with the users in Ahmedabad, ‘Holi ke Rang, $GARI ke Sang’ also proved to be an amazing used case for ticketing through $GARI tokens and to increase the app’s user base in the city. Just in 20 days of pre and post promotion of the event, we saw a rise in the app downloads from the region. Approximately 2.5 lakhs+ downloads were recorded from the region during the 20 days of Holi promotion + huge media traction for the event.

After the success of Holi ke Rang, $GARI ke Sang, team Chingari is excited to execute many such events this year that will count as successful used cases of using $GARI tokenomics for ticketing on events.

Look forward to many more such fun events in the coming 2-3 months!!

Posted By: Team Chingari