How Chingari Is Rewriting The Short Form Video App Destination In India?


Chingari is a short video app built just for everyone. A platform where you can show the world who you are by capturing flawless videos and sharing them in seconds. The made in India short video maker app is the best platform for people to express themselves, connect with tons of artists, have fun with the application’s quirky filters, and alot more.

Not only Chingari is easy to use but it offers infinite creative possibilities with stylish AR filters, Camera like no other app, and even the power to edit the videos as per the individual’s liking. Chingari has come up as a game changing short video social media app. Chingari’s sleek interface, simple user experience make it quick and fun to create short videos using your device. 

We can say that TikTok’s woes helped Chingari become one of its biggest competitors. Love for video sharing social media apps cannot be neglected. Short-form Video creation entertainment apps have taken the most of the market, where millions of people used to spend their free time to show their acting & singing skills. Besides passing free time, these kinds of apps give various ways to earn monetizing rewards. Doesn’t it sound prolific? Yes, it is. In this competitive era where every field is occupied with a lot of competition, Chingari gives its users a pinch of relaxation, where you can enjoy creating, watching videos and can also come out from different anxieties and also can kill their boredom. 

After the Govt banned Chinese apps like Tik Tok. Govt of India announces Chingari as the best home-grown short-form video secure app, as it bags the first position, in the Govt of India’s #AtmaNirbharBharatApp challenge. 

There are certain golden factors due to which users are attracted towards relevance, attractive & offer-enriched apps where they find their talent worth showing. Our simplified, smooth & easy operative app became masterpieces in that case. 

Interesting Features of Chingari that have set it apart in the league –

Simple, Smooth & Impressive UI UX

Chingari’s smooth, simple, and elegant UI UX provided users with a great way of inclination. It helped users to navigate through the app easily. Creating videos, following your loved ones, sharing videos, all happens at one place.

Super sleek steady Design

Chingari has visual plus functional consistency in the app which provided an interactive element to the app, giving a soothing experience to its users. Along with these, AI integration has provided marvellous experience to the app due to which the user’s interaction became a far easy thing.

Trendy Stuff like Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges fill in as a joining power of the Chingari network. People are loving the challenges as it gives the opportunity to contend thereby making the whole concept interesting and sporty. 

In-build, Vast-listed Music Library

There is an extensive list of channels to look on Chingari, AR impacts, altering instruments, movements, and stickers. The user can pick the melody for lip-adjusting, move, or act with the music before beginning the chronicle.

Duet Options

Chingari duet videos are creating a buzz now, and people are liking to make videos with some other personalities like big celebrities or with their favourite ones.

Social Media Sharing

There is no use of thinking of something astonishing that can’t be shared. Chingari has comprehend this truly well, so it accompanies the sharing alternative. You can easily share your video on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and email.

Tons of Amazing Filters

Chingari’s iconic filters will help you revolutionize your video. It will help to turn your videos into something magical. 

Camera like no other app

This is one of the best things about Chingari. Its camera quality matches to none. High defined quality, clear, grain free is what defines the app camera. 

Chingari is becoming very popular & attractive among people. If you have talent and if you have a creative mind, then surely this platform will help you become the next social media sensation. Chingari is helping talented people to bring their talent in front of the world. Also, Chingari is coming up with various exciting challenges and competitions which helps people to have fun and also earn money. Chingari is focused on becoming India’s and people’s favorite short video app.