How Exclusive Camera Filters Brought Millions Of Downloads For Chingari?


Chingari, the home-grown social media app is growing pretty popular, and recently it has crossed over the benchmark 30 million downloads. Basically, it is a short video maker app using which people can record video clips up to 1 min. They can use special camera effects, AR filters, and music to make their content more amazing.

Nowadays, it has become like a trend where people of all ages are creating and sharing videos with their friends and family members. Especially, if you are an influencer or want to become one, by delivering entertaining short video content, you can gain more views, likes, and followers on social media.

However, to create a nice video, what you need is a good camera that can take awesome clips. So that you can create engaging short video content for your viewers.

In Chingari, we have the new AR filters with trending AR masks that you can use to create entertaining video clips. Here we are going to tell you more about how you can use the exclusive camera features of the Chingari app.

Why Use The Chingari App?

The recipe for creating an engaging video starts with smart planning to prepare content that could attract more views. And, then the next important part is the camera adjustment and editing of the video. Without a proper team handling the direction, camera settings, editing, and other stuff, it would be very difficult to create an entertaining video.

However, now you can use short video social media apps to create engaging videos by yourself. The reason why such apps became pretty popular is that you don’t need huge planning and camera set up to create your videos. You just need to have your mobile device, and you are ready to capture the fun and engaging videos for your audience.

Like other short video making platforms (Snapchat or Instagram), you can use Chingari on your mobile device (available on Android and iOS). While it also gives you the library of options to choose camera AR filters and AR masks to animate your content. With such functionalities, you can easily edit videos to enhance the quality of your content.

Also, the Chingari social media app lets you access your favorite collection of Bollywood and regional music songs and dialogues. Besides that, you can enjoy watching amusing videos created by other users.

Now using Chingari, anybody can make entertaining short video content to give exposure for the talent. There are so many people sharing their videos to showcase their craft in dance, acting, fashion, style, photography, and art to become the next superstar on the Chingari.

If you also want to become the next star, then download Chingari and start creating mass appealing videos for your audience now.

How Exclusive Camera Face Filters And Masks Inspire Content Creation?

Chingari has been updating its features to come up with new face masks and filter options, which makes the video creation process more engaging for people. There are some funny filters like dog face masks, mustache, big eyebrows, and many more. Moreover, you also have the option to apply visual effects, stickers, texts in your videos.

The idea of utilizing the face masks and filters to create videos has already made a great impact on creators. Though there are other short videos making social media apps, however, such apps don’t have the swag of desi-ness in their style.

Chingari gives you the option with different regional languages (With two international languages- Spanish and English). Thanks to that, people can enjoy amusing videos and news on the Chingari app.

Easy To Create Videos

It’s quite easy to create engaging videos on Chingari. Many of the users liked Chingari because of its convenience while recording or editing videos. You don’t need to download any other applications or learn graphic design and editing stuff. Just open the Chingari app, allow camera access, and start creating compelling video content for your audience.

Feel Comfortable With Selfie

Many people are not experts in taking selfies, and every time they feel uncomfortable when they don’t get a nice shot. If you are not looking your best in the selfie, then what you need is a beauty filter that can enhance your picture to make you look better. In Chingari, you have the AR makeup filter option to enhance your look. That way, you could be more comfortable while taking amazing selfie videos from your mobile device.

Anybody Can Become Creator

With Chingari exclusive camera filters, you don’t need to be an expert in camera handling, graphic design, or video editing for becoming a creator. Even using a normal mobile camera, you can create amazing video content using Chingari social media app. Due to the Augmented Reality features of the Chingari App, anyone can make videos using additional colors, virtual objects, animation to make your videos more interesting.

Bring Your Creative Side

If you have the idea to bring something new and creative in front of your viewers and have no idea where to start, Chingari is the right platform for you. Suppose you want to create a funny video, you can use Chingari AR masks filters to opt for funny face masks. You can use those filters to create different kinds of videos with trending music in the background.

The modern capability of camera filters and AR masks have advanced so far that you can use different them to create different Avatars. It depends on you how you bring out your creativity to interact and engage with your audiences on Chingari.

Summing Up

If you are a creator, you know how difficult it could be to deliver always great content to the audience. But being an entertainer, you want more and more people to be engaged with your content. Then why not try one of the best short video making social media platforms- Chingari. Here we have shown you about the coolest camera features and AR masks filters, which you can use to create engaging videos for your viewers.

So, don’t you want to discover the creative side of yours? Then download Chingari now and start creating engaging videos to entertain your audience.