How To Repost Chingari Videos On Social Media?

re-post chingari videos

Have you been creating entertaining videos on Chingari? There are already so many people using this app who are getting exposure by showing off their talent in acting, dancing, and other crafts. 

It’s quite fun to create engaging videos on the Chingari app while you can also share those videos on other social media platforms to make your content go viral. While creating videos, you can add music, movie dialogues, sound effects, graphics, and mask filters to make your content more engaging for viewers.

Being a creator, you want to gain more views on your short video content. After sharing once on a social media platform, you can again repost your Chingari videos.  

It would not only help you to promote your videos, but it will also enhance your influence further. That way, you might even be able to become one of the best Chingari influencers.

In this article, we are showing you the ways which you can use to share and repost your Chingari videos on other social media platforms so that you can increase your chances of becoming the next superstar on Chingari. So, here we go!

Share Chingari Videos

If you are a new creator on Chingari and want to share your content to bring more audience engagement, then you must know how to share your content on social media platforms.

Chingari gives you several options to share your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and some other platforms as well.

Here are some steps following which you can share your Chingari videos on social media:

  • Open the Chingari app on your mobile device.
  • Just go to your profile page, then select any video that you have posted earlier.
  • On the right side, you will find a three-dot “More” option. Click on that.
  • A new popup will open. There you can click on the share button.
  • Next, you need to select the option showing the logo of that particular social media platform.
  • Suppose you want to share your post on Instagram, you have the option to post your content either on Instagram feed or stories.

On Chingari, you also have the option to share your videos through Whatsapp. When you open a video on Chingari, on the right side you have the option to share videos on Whatsapp. There you can forward your favorite videos directly or you can also share them as your daily status on Whatsapp.

Now you are ready to share your videos on all social media to bring more engagement to your post. However, in some social media platforms like Twitter or Linkedin, when you share your content, it would show up in the form of a link only. So, viewers can’t be able to watch that video on that platform only, it would be redirected to the Chingari app or that link would open in the browser.

Download Your Chingari Videos

To overcome this problem, instead of sharing your video directly, you need to save that video on your device and repost it on Twitter and other social media platforms. 

Here are the steps which you can follow to save your Chingari videos:

  • Open the Chingari app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the upload button.
  • Select the music to opt for your favorite movie songs or dialogues.
  • Also, don’t forget to use mask filters to make your videos look more attractive.
  • Now you can record the video by clicking on the Chingari camera in the center of the screen. 
  • Click on the Next button.
  • There you can further edit in that video, using stickers, masks, filters, and music.
  • Select the cover of your video. And Tap on the Done button.
  • Now you are ready to publish your video. Add a caption with a few hashtags. While before publishing, you can save that video on your device.
  • After saving that video, open Twitter on your device.
  • Create a new tweet.
  • There you have the option to insert your video from the gallery on your device.
  • Select the video, you have downloaded and tap on the Tweet button to publish it on Twitter.

So these are the steps following which you can share and repost your Chingari videos on different social media platforms. Being one of the best Indian social media apps many people are already using it to share funny and entertaining videos. This short video social media app is also attracting the interest of the people who want to grow their influence on social media platforms.

If you are also the one who wants to be the next super influencer on the social media platform, then start creating amazing Chingari videos and repost them on all social media platforms.