How is this Indian Social App breaking the Internet?


Chingari, the breakout Indian social app, has recently done the unthinkable! Last month, Chingari hit 30 million downloads worldwide with India leading the pack. These numbers are staggering for an application that entered the market a short time ago. Ask a Chingari influencer like Vaibhav Ghuge, who has 14K followers about their journey, and you’ll understand why this app is a rage among the teens and adults in India.

With almost 15 million active users daily, people recently voted the app to win in #AatmaNirbharApp Challenge organized by the central government. Incidentally, this Indian Social app saw the highest number of downloads. i.e., 5.1 million from Hyderabad. Apparently, people had a lot of options after the Tik Tok ban in India, but they still preferred Chingari. Let us get into how and why this happened. But first of all:

What Is Chingari?

Chingari is a short video maker app similar to the Tik Tok application, which allows its users to record and share short video clips along with the option to play games, and read news from around the world. Chingari was developed by Mr. Sumit Ghosh and Mr. Biswatma Nayak. The app has recently touched new heights of popularity, and it seems like our Indian audience is loving it. 

The Chingari application is free to download and has a Google Playstore rating of 4.3 stars (at this moment). According to the founder and CEO, Sumit Ghosh, the company has now re-designed and re-branded it.

Why Is It So Popular In India?

The Chingari app offers the option to create videos in 11 vernacular languages- something that the country adored due to its majority of the population speaking their local dialect. However, it is not the ONLY reason why people prefer Chingari over any other Indian social app. There are plenty of reasons behind it. Let us discuss some of them in detail:

Enticing Features

One of the main reasons behind the inclination of the Indian audience towards short video maker apps is the slow and steady evolution of such platforms into the online life of the teens from Dubsmash to Tik Tok and now Chingari. With its increasing user base, the Indian audience started using video creator apps a lot.

As a result, despite various attempts by local developers, online users won’t stick to any app unless the features are strikingly good or even better. Chingari proved to be one such app with a commendable UI and it offered additional features like games and news.

The content creators seem to be enjoying the app’s AR (augmented reality) features along with the voice-overs, Chingari camera, new filters, songs, etc. What is it that you like about Chingari?

Ensures Data Safety

We all know the reason behind the banning of those 59 Chinese apps- the potential threat of data leakage into the wrong hands. When you use an app, you enter your personal data when signing up. Sharing it with a Chinese app owner can, thus, be dangerous.

Chingari ensures its users with data safety. Being an Indian app, the users also feel quite confident with their info when using it. The app also never asks you for excessive data when signing up or changing any settings. All in all, nothing feels nosy when operating the Chingari app.

The Current Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis locked everyone inside their homes, compelling them to explore their creative selves over the course of months. As a result, the online audience, especially the teens, inclined towards anything that could keep them engaged. From Dalgona Coffee to Among Us- the masses went through a ride.

Creating some short, entertaining videos was something that attracted a lot of content creators and influencers. Chingari not only offered them a platform to continue with their online journey (which kind of paused due to the Tik Tok ban) but also kept their creative juices flowing for good.

Check out the Chingari app to discover such phenomenal artists, choreographers, food and fashion bloggers, singers, actors, and many more. Maybe, you could manage to get a sweet spot too! (Who knows!)

Extra Features of News and Games

A majority of the short video maker apps only offer you to browse, create, and share your video content, but the Chingari app is different. Apart from the video section, it also comes with its news and games section.

Just click on the More icon, and you will get three options- Games, News, and Language Settings. The mini-games are pretty fun and easy to play like Go Chicken Go, Angry Gran, etc. The news section, on the other hand, keeps updating the recent news articles every once in a while.

Reaches the General Population

As already said by the creators of Chingari, “You hardly find people from small towns and villages on popular apps like Instagram. It was the time when unlimited 4G data usage was increasing. We wanted our app to reach these consumers.”

This Indian social app resorted to reaching out to all of its Indian audience without any hassle. Chingari is compatible with all the mobile devices (even the ones with lower RAM), operates on low-speed internet, doesn’t consume much space, and even lets a user sign in without their Gmail account.

Responsive and User-friendly Modification

While most of the app developers try to incorporate as many user-requested features as possible, this Indian app is actually doing it successfully. Our support team has been working really hard to convey every bit to the team of developers, and they have been introducing new features in accordance to the user-recommendations.

As I already stated earlier, not all the Indian social apps succeeded in satisfying their audience base because they could not modify their interface accordingly. But Chingari has crossed this hurdle. We still keep a close eye on the audience’s feedback and alter our app’s UI every day to cater to the general public.

Wrapping It Up!

Short-form videos are a new way of reaching out to the public, and it is definitely not going off the trend any soon. Various content creators have stepped on different platforms to showcase their talent, Chingari being the most popular one in India. Above, we have discussed some of the primary reasons as to why we, the Indian audience, suddenly inclined towards this app. Are you one of us? Let us know why you love Chingari in the comments below!