Popular Kids On Chingari: 05 Little Stars of Chingari you must Follow Today!!


Fame hides her head among the clouds, and not everybody in this world gets to experience her in their lives. But this situation changed drastically in recent years, thanks to this amazing thing known as the internet. Various applications like Chingari are here to assist people in showcasing their talent among millions of online audiences.

Chingari is a content posting platform that provides its users with the opportunity to create, browse, and share amazing videos with their friends and families. With over 170 million+ users on its platform, the Chingari app provides a commendable platform to its content creators to get viral with their creativity.

Amidst all the amazing creators whom we have on our platform, the kids are outshining their presence among all! And we can never get tired of how adorable they are. Nevertheless, here are the five most popular kids on Chingari who are setting the bars high for all of us:

1. Vihaan (@imvihaan)

Vihaan is an adorable kid whose parents handle his Chingari account. And thanks to them, we get to watch this munchkin regularly on our feeds. They regularly post videos of him running around, playing, dressed in costumes, and being himself. The kiddo has an infectious smile and is too cute to handle!

2. Arava Shretha (@aarav3332114074264)

Arava is a bright, talented, and skilled kid who recently started creating and posting his videos on the Chingari app. Arava is a cheerful kid who loves to dance, crack jokes, and create similar types of videos. He loves dancing in front of the camera and never fails in reaching out to his audience via the fabulous expressions. 

3. Rajveer Rajgor (@rajveer_rajgor)

The adorable kid from Gujrat got recently viral on the Chingari app because of the cute videos he creates of him dancing, lip-syncing on dubs, posting fun skits, and many more. The little star usually makes solo videos but is also seen accompanied by his sister. According to Rajveer’s user status, his parents manage and operate his account.

4. Keshukomi (@keshukomi)

Check out this Chingari profile of two siblings who post awesome content every now and then. The kids mostly create lip-syncing dubs on Kannada dialogues along with skits, comedy sketches, and many more. We love how talented and they are, and we cannot appreciate them enough for their confidence in front of the online world.

5. Amaira Shahnawaz (@amairaofficial)

Amaira is a beautiful little video content creator who posts videos in her own sweet voice, along with dubbing videos on movie dialogues and songs. The charming kid Amaira is a solo performer and posts content pretty often. As a content creator, she also loves to make dance videos and skits. And we love to watch the creative and playful version of her in her videos.

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