Social Media in eLearning: How Is Social Media Apps Reshaping Today’s Education System?


Social media today has a tremendous impact on each and every aspect of our lives, and it continues to do so even in the modern education system. Gone are the days when parents would meet teachers only during a parents-teachers-meet. The social world is bringing everyone closer. And there are many ways in which social media is reshaping the education system.

Students use Social Media to Meet, Collaborate, and Attend online sessions. 

This point is as obvious as the noonday sun. Students are primarily using social media to connect with their tutors and classmates to attend classes, give exams, complete projects, submit assignments, and many more.

Teachers are using Social apps to Re-think the process of Teaching.

Virtual classes and online sessions have been around us for a long time, but it has become pretty common with the COVID-19. Teachers are now trying to be as social media friendly as possible and are coming up with new ways to make their classes more fun and interactive for their students.

One of the most common examples is creating Audio rooms of students belonging to the same batch on Chingari App. Teachers usually do it to have formal discussions and clear doubts in the most accessible way, since a lot of students have a poor internet connection at times.

Parents use Social Media Apps to engage with their kids as well as their Teachers. 

Finally, it’s the parents who have tried their best to alter their approach towards their children and the teachers. With many of them working multiple jobs, working insane hours, and commuting long distances to make ends meet- social networks seem to be a plausible option for them to keep things smooth. 

Teachers are directly connecting to the parents via private groups on Chingari apps’ Audio Room to convey their messages and have conversations whenever deemed necessary. 

All-in-ll, social media is having a significant impact on the education system that we witness today, and it is probably going to shape the future even more. 

The Benefits Of Social Media in eLearning:

It’s been a long time since the concept of eLearning introduced itself to the world. It has now become the new normal amongst the students in schools and universities. Nevertheless, social media is an inevitable part of online learning as it helps in promoting virtual sessions and allows the transfer of knowledge via various tools. 

As online classes and e-learning have become a mandatory element in the students’ lives during the COVID-19 era, here are a few reasons why social media seems to be so helpful: 

1. Students get to experience informal learning and feel more comfortable in getting to grasp ideas from social media as they primarily view it as a fun source of knowledge. 

2. It shortens the total training time as the teachers can practically roll out information faster. The students can save and watch the content later to understand the content at their pace. 

3. The classroom and setup involve zero investment. Being on social media is also free of cost. 

4. Everyone can access social media, so there remains minimal scope of not being available to the folks. 

5. It develops a shared understanding among the users as the interaction increases between the teachers and peers. The teaching environment becomes more friendly in a virtual manner. 

6. Holding doubt sessions also becomes more feasible. The responses posted to different queries become quick due to the presence of other contributors and teachers with a different perspective. 

7. Social media draws learners to formal education in an informal manner. 
Use various social apps to create and share knowledgeable content with your young audience. E-learning is an innovative process of letting people study in the most convenient manner. Make sure you utilize social media apps to make it more dynamic.