Trending Hashtags on Chingari – 2020


Hashtags play an important role in social media. They are an integral part of almost every platform, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s there everywhere. And Chingari is no different when it comes to the significance of Hashtags on the platform. You can make your content engaging, increase the number of likes, and views on your videos.

Staying updated with the trending Chingari hashtags is very essential as you can make such videos along with the other Chingari users and participate in the trend. In this article, we will tell you about the currently trending hashtags of Chingari.

Why should you use hashtags on Chingari?

Hashtags increase your social media presence and make your content viewable. By using hashtags, users can let the audience know what the content is all about before even watching the video. 

Also, when you add a hashtag to your video, your video will be seen under that hashtag with many others. This way, people who want to watch any specific type of video can easily get access to your content, which eventually increases the engagement on your video.

Just like SEO is important for websites, Hashtags are important for social media profiles. They will not only increase the scope of your content but also make them more interesting and help you gain more followers.

How to use hashtags on Chingari to boost your content?

In Chingari, you will already get to see the trending hashtags in the discover section. You can use them on your content and also create a new one as per your choice. Let’s see how to make the most of hashtags on Chingari

1. Find relevant hashtags 

You can add multiple hashtags to your posts but using the relevant ones that go with your content and are popular at the same time is very important. So, browse the videos of your competitors that belong to your niche and check which hashtags they have used in their popular posts. You can also use them to give exposure to your content or create a new one. There are also several hashtag generator tools available in the market.

2. Follow the trend

You may have heard about the hashtag trends on social media platforms. So, make sure to use the currently trending hashtags in your posts. For example, it #merrychristmas was trending in December, then using it in February doesn’t make any sense. Hashtags rise and fall with time, so always use the ones that are currently on-trend.

3. Participate on Hashtag Challenges 

Chingari, generally launches hashtag challenges every now and then to make the platform fun. For example, the latest Chingari hashtag challenge going on is #mainbhibacchan. Users are making videos on the songs and famous dialogues of a very talented Bollywood actor Mr. Amitabh Bacchan.

Likewise, if you want to get famous on Chingari, then develop some unique hashtag so that people can find you easily and also encourage others to use it on their posts by conducting a challenge.

4. The more the better 

Don’t limit hashtags to only one and two in your posts. Since every hashtag exposes you to a different audience. So use as many hashtags as possible on your video. Though Chingari allows limited characters in the caption, so make sure you utilize it very well and fill it with the relevant hashtags.

5. Combine the popular hashtags with the less competitive ones 

Mix up and use both kinds of Hashtags on your posts. The benefit of using popular hashtags is a lot of people search for them, but the competition is very high. But, when you use the less popular hashtags, the competition is low, and they are more likely to get noticed within a narrower niche.

Once you rise from the smaller hashtags, you are more likely to climb up the feed. So, it is better to mix up both the type of hashtags and use it wisely on your posts.

List of trending hashtags on Chingari


As you can see, this hashtag is all about style. Show your unique style, whether its makeup, hair, dress, or nails, with a video and get famous on Chingari. 


This trending hashtag is used to celebrate the biggest star of Bollywood Mr. Amitabh Bacchan. Make a video on his songs or dialogues and win the title of Mr. Bachhan’s biggest fan along with amazing prizes.


A famous Chingari hashtag where people can make videos using the amazing music introduced by the Chingari team. This hashtag is quite popular, and people are seen having fun participating in this challenge.


To make the lockdown period fun, Chingari organized this challenge. Chingari users started showing their dancing, cooking, lip-syncing, and other skills and kept people entertained.


Chingari introduced a contest for all the Akshay Kumar fans, and this hashtag was trending within no time.

Similarly, so many other hashtags like #bebaakee, #chingaridance, #chingaricomedy, #superhitmarathi, #chingarifab are trending on Chingari for different reasons, and people are actively participating in the challenges. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Utilize these trending hashtags and get a chance to become famous in Chingari.