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How To Make Duet On Chingari?

Millions of people have joined Chingari, and now they are enjoying creating compelling videos. One of the most favorite features of many Chingari users is that you can even make duet videos with other creators.  Many people are using this feature to record engaging duet videos with their favorite creators, friends, and family members. That […]...
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How to Use AR filters on Chingari?

How to Use AR filters on Chingari? Chingari – The Indian short video maker app, as you all know, has generated quite a lot of buzz after the honorary PM Modi’s announcement of using the products made only in India to support the economic growth of the nation. This movement in the current situation spread […]...
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The 05 Biggest Chingari Trends You Should Be Following Right Now

Of all kinds of ambition, the one that pursues fame is the wildest. And this generation, in particular, seems the most fascinated by it. Although getting famous is no piece of cake, this beautiful thing called the internet brings the fickle lady fame to everyone’s domain. And thanks to applications like Chingari, reaching out to […]...