Chingari celebrates World Bicycle and Environment Day with its 150+ creators across India

World Bicycle Day

Chingari, along with Chingari Creators and Influencers, contributed to the global mission of environment preservation through the brand’s #WheelsofChange campaign on the occasion of World Bicycle Day & Environment Day.

The mega campaign wherein the participants rode their bicycles to the event destination and conducted mass cleaning and tree plantation activities, promoted the idea of change amongst the people of Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kanyakumari, Ludhiana, and Thane. Chingari urged people to be the Wheels of Change for a happier environment with its compelling environment awareness theme for the events.

The #WheelsofChange event which was conducted in 6 cities of India between 4th to 5th June created a huge positive impact on the minds of the people of these cities.

The various venues, dates and collaborators for this mega event were- (1) Bangalore: 4th June, from 9 A.M at Byrasandra Lake, Jayanagra in collaboration with Aryendra Mobility; (2) Ahmedabad: 4th June from 5:00 P.M at Sabarmati Riverfront in collaboration with MyByk; (3) Thane: 5th June, 10:00 A.M onwards at Kashish Park in collaboration with COO Rides; (4) Hyderabad: 5th June, from 7:30 A.M at Paala Pitta cycling park; (5) Kanyakumari: 8th June, from 3:30 P.M at Sothavilai beach to Sanguthurai beach; (6) Ludhiana: 5th June, from 5:30 A.M at Rakh Bagh in collaboration with Ludhiana Agri University.

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Speaking on the efforts and ideation put behind conducting such a massive scale environmentally inclined campaign, Sumit Ghosh said, “Climate crisis is a global concern and an issue that needs immediate attention and redemption plans such as planting more trees, recycling, water preservation etc., and as a creator platform our objective has always been to uplift the society and create awareness around social issues. #WheelsofChange is also a step towards the same, and we believe will instill the idea for the need for environment preservation amongst the people of the country.”

Chingari, in order to spread awareness on a large scale, wanted maximum people to be a part of this event and hence it was a public event. Mumbai and Bangalore employees also came forward to attend the event in their respective cities. The event witnessed immense participation in every city and people were keen on spreading the message to the world.