Discover Popular Chingari Stars Who Are Celebrities Now


It’s 2020, things are moving with high-end acceleration, that includes the social media verse also. Therefore, along with this quick change in the Social Media world, Chingari has ballooned into one of the largest and most trending Indian social apps. 

This all-new platform now has marked its place not just as a real competitor in the space, but also a one-stop entertainment platform that produces celebrities. 

Although the users of other Indian short apps claim to have the most compelling feeds or the most loyal fan base, the Chingarian’s tell us otherwise. Our content creators with the biggest followings say a lot about the state of a new  trend — people on their feeds are thirsty to scroll through endless glam shots and what makes them hit that “like” button.

Below, let’s check out the top trending Chingari stars, and how this success helps them build fame. 

Name – Shilpi Kaushik

Chingari profile :
Chingari : 23 Million
User ID : bellybabe
Profession : Belly Dancer

The young girl though she may be unknown to older generations, but Shilpi Kaushik is a popular Belly Dancer and is a well known social media personality. She has around 2 Million Chingari and 23 million views and is also very famous on Instagram, and YouTube as well.

Name – Fahad

Chingari profile :
Chingari : 16 Million
User ID : fahad_ahmad
Profession : Content Creator

Fahad Ahmad has won the heart of the people with his amazing lip sync videos. His comedy, acting skills and expression are too good. Fahad has already crossed 1 Million Chingari and 15 Million Views and is one of the popular Chingari users.

Name – Sneha Karmakar

Chingari profile :
Chingari : 15 Million
User ID : rimpisneha
Profession : Social Media Influencer

Sneha Karmakar got huge fame by posting her amazing Chingari videos showcasing her skills on the social media platform. By Profession, she is a social influencer and he got famous on Chingari because of her outstanding videos. Sneha has more than 708k Chingari and 15 Million Views. Apart from Chingari, she also has a YouTube channel.

Name – Nuruz Zaman

Chingari profile :
Chingari : 13 Million
User ID : nuruz48
Profession : Content Creator

Nuruz Zaman is a content creator. Best known for his funny lip-synching videos, he is now one of the most popular social media stars in India, and one of the most followed accounts on Chingari.

Name – Twin Sis

Chingari profile :
Chingari : 13 Million
User ID : twinsis_02
Profession : Social Media Influencer

Twin Sis are immensely popular in the field of Indian Social App as “The Chingari Stars”. Twin girls are famous for their comedy mimics, melodious singing, and musical lip sync videos. They have a lot of fans around and have gathered 1 Million Chingari and 13 Million views on App. 

Name – Kartik Kaustubh

Chingari profile :
Chingari : 11 Million
User ID : expressionsking
Profession : Social Media Influencer

Kartik Kaustubh is a popular Indian short video creator and Instagram star. He is famous for his wonderful expressions and musical lip sync videos. Kartik has a lot of fan following and has around 1 million Chingari and 11 million views on Chingari – All new Indian Social App. Many young girls are fond of him and he continues to win over others with his expressions. 

Name – Priya Priyambada

Chingari profile :
Chingari : 10 Million
User ID : priya_priyambada
Profession : Actor /Model / Influencer

Priya Priyambada is an Indian Chingari star, actor, fashion model and an internet Influencer. She gained recognition for her dance moves, lip sync videos and comedy clips on Chingari. She has a huge fan base on Instagram and other social media platforms. Priya has also gained over 494k Chingari and 10 Million views on our new Indian social app. 

Name – Rahul Sharma

Chingari profile :
Chingari : 8 Million
User ID : iamrahulsharma12
Profession : Bollywood Actor /Model

Rahul Sharma has 115k Chingari and 8Million views. He is a Bollywood actor and is popular for his par comic timing and lip-sync videos on Chingari.


Next time you come across viral Tik-Tok videos there is a high possibility to come across these famous Chingari stars who are celebrities today. And guess what? you have already been updated about them!

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