The Chingari Collaboration With T-Series Music:What You Should Know


India-made short video sharing app- Chingari has been getting quite a popularity, as it got millions of downloads within a few days only. Especially after the initiative of the Make in India campaign by the Indian government to promote Vocal for locals, many people have downloaded this homegrown app. And now it is withholding the user base of more than 30 million downloads. 

Chingari app has been created on a similar concept to Tiktok which allows users to create short videos and share them with others. Just like in Tiktok, people can use music and dialogues to create funny and entertaining videos on the Chingari platform.

Recently this homegrown app got inked up with the T Series for the license of the latter’s music catalog of hit songs of Bollywood. Thanks to this deal, all the users of Chingari in India, SAARC nation, and the Middle East can access the Bollywood music collection of T Series.  

Let’s go further down and find out the story behind this collab between Chingari and T Series.

Trending Short Video App

Currently, short video content is trending on social media. Since many popular short video-making apps are gone from the market, many people were looking for alternative apps. It was the time when many other platforms were trying to create their own space in the Indian market. While Chingari has already set a platform into the race, and now it has become one of the most favorite short video sharing apps in the market.    

With years of efforts, Chingari has achieved the glory of being voted as the best social media app in the recent Aatma Nirbhar App Challenge by the government of India, which was a great initiative by the government to encourage Indian entrepreneurs.

Vernacular Languages

One of the reasons why this platform became quite popular in the different regional areas of India because it gives the option to choose vernacular languages for creating videos. People can use Chingari short video apps in their native languages- like in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujrati, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Odia, and Telugu, with two more international languages English, and Spanish.

So people can just opt for their native languages to create, share, and enjoy watching short video content with their friends and family members

Music And Social Media

As we know that T Series has been one of the largest entertainers in the music industry. It has given not only Bollywood songs but also Punjabi pop, Marathi, Rajasthani, Gujrati, Telugu, Malayalam, and other regional and folk hit songs. Due to the collaboration of Chingari and T Series, now the users of the Chingari app have good options to choose their favorite music from the great collection of hit songs of T Series music.  So that every Chingari user can access entertaining songs and music to create and share short video content with their friends and followers.

Win Win For Both

In an interview with the Managing Director of T Series, Mr. Bhushan Kumar said that this agreement between the Chingari and T Series is going to be beneficial for both companies mutually and it would amalgamate the social media and music industry while promoting the business ethics.

“This sets the right precedent for social media platforms and music rights owners to work and evolve together. We are delighted to have Chingari onboarded with our music licensing,” he added.

Journey Of Chingari

With TikTok having the sole proprietorship in the market having over half a billion-dollar investment, over a long time, it wasn’t easier for any other short video social media app to compete with it.

However, after the ban of 59 Chinese apps in India, most of the people were looking for an alternative short video maker app where they can enjoy creating entertaining content.

This brings a great impact on the Indian app market.  With dozens of video making social media apps already competing in the market, it wasn’t easier for Chingari to be on the top. But eventually, due to the great effort from the team of Chingari, it has been improving to become better and better to attract more downloads from users. And now, with over 30 million users, Chingari has become one of the best short video maker apps, the first choice of every Indian user.


Due to the combination of great music and amazing content, Chingari has been growing as one of the fastest-growing short video content sharing social media apps. As we know that Chingari is available in vernacular languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujrati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and other languages, and now because of the collaboration of T Series, people have more options to create entertaining short video contents using the regional folk songs and hit Bollywood music.

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